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A full guide on how to pool your DEC on cubfinance

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5 months ago

You can now put your DEC into pooling on cubfinance! The announcement came out around 6 hours ago. Unlike my previous cubfinance endeavors, which was a week late, this time I did it as soon as I got to know of it.

I haven't played splinterlands in a long time and I have over 12000 DEC just sitting around. Better put that to some good use and make some CUB instead of it collecting dust. This will also make me want to play splineterlands all over again.

Win-win? Duh!

The pair is giving an impressive APR of 764.81%, with CUB as the earning, and a tiny deposit fee of just 4%. Sounds much better than an APR of 0% with an earning of nothing with my DEC simply rotting away.

First things first. Log into your splinterlands account and click on your DEC. Enter the amount of DEC you want to take and select binance smart chain as the wallet option, and click on "transfer out".

You will then land on this pop-up where you need to select the Binance Smart Wallet option and feed in your wallet address. If you have any trouble finding it, simply click on "find my address" (or something similar) and it should open your metamask wallet and prompt a confirmation. You need to select your preferred wallet which ideally should have enough BNB and BUSD to complete the upcoming steps.

After you have done this, you are almost done in terms of transferring your DEC.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to connect your BSC wallet to splinterlands and transfer your DEC directly:

Log into your splinterlands account and click on this symbol, and select "Link External Wallet".

From there we repeat the steps shown above to connect the wallet. Either add your wallet address or click on "find my wallet" and select the preferred account, and save.

To add the "contract address" of DEC in your metamask wallet, open the wallet and preferred account, scroll down and click on "add token"

Then click on "Custom Token" and paste this contract address

The remaining fields will auto-fill and you can simply click next and you're done.

Now, your DEC is in your preferred BSC wallet account.

Now let's go to the fun part. Pooling the DEC you just wrapped.
Go to, and select "add liquidity".
Since we will be pooling DEC and BUSD, we should be selecting those parameters in the two slots. It will look something like this, with the two coins' values corresponding to match.

I have already "approved" my BUSD, so I won't need to do it again. It may prompt you to approve your BUSD if you haven't already. I will only need to approve my DEC. Approvals take a really short time and a tiny amount of BNB in fees. You will be prompted once you click on approve and you can see the details on the popup and on eteherscan once the transaction is executed.

Next, you simply need to click on the supply button, and then confirm the supply for which you will be once again prompted to approve it for a tiny fee.

Next, go to and scroll down to the DEC-BUSD LP contract and click on "approve contract". Make sure you go through the details and confirm it for a small fee.

Upon doing that you can now click on "stake" which will prompt a deposit pop-up where you can select how much you put in. Upon confirming you will receive a final confirmation pop-up, which you can read, agree, and pay a small fee for.


Enjoy your harvest boys!

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Written by   6
5 months ago
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