Tips to Remove Body Toxins with Vegetable Juice

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Health is a non-negotiable source of sustenance

Lately I have been experiencing a decline in health. It feels like the whole body is weak, the stomach is full, like shaking, short of breath and the head feels heavy.

This health condition is certainly not a strange thing, because apart from me, there are many people whose illness is worse than me. But many are also healthy. Where do we focus our thoughts, do we want to be negative or positive?

In response to this, of course I prefer positive things, namely to investigate why they can be healthy. It turns out that guys, as we all know, the key is in the pattern of life.

You will agree that a healthy lifestyle is reflected in the attitude below:

  • Eat regularly with balanced nutrition

  • Drink a lot of water

  • Sleep with enough time

  • And exercise

But the problem is, if it's already unhealthy, what about guys?

Do you agree if I say, treat the slightest symptoms of your disease, so it doesn't develop into a chronic disease, and spreads everywhere to cause other diseases?

By the way, first of all, I want to say thank you to friends who have listened so far.

Back to the previous point, yes, my friend, if you are already unwell, you should try treatment with natural ingredients.

Because chemicals will accumulate chemicals in the body and this will cause new diseases.

So I prefer to use herbal remedies and the treatment I do with vegetable juice therapy.

Raw vegetables that are processed without the ripening process first, will maintain the nutritional sources contained in them, so that nutrient absorption will run optimally.

In addition, the composition of fiber and minerals that are properly hydrated will launch the detoxification process in your intestines. So that digestion is able to remove toxins in the body that are the source of disease.

Well, this is the vegetable juice I created

And this is the result of extraction after the blender process.

What's the result?

I feel much healthier. So until now, drinking vegetable juice has become a ritual that I don't miss in my daily life.

So what vegetables to choose?

Actually all vegetables can be used as juice. We recommend that you choose the type of vegetable with a variety of color variants.

Why is that?

Because each variant has its own function for the body. For example, brightly colored vegetables or fruit, such as red or orange, are good for the eyes. Green vegetables are rich in calcium.

So a suggestion for those of you who want to make vegetable juice, it's better to add fruit, yes, friends. And the composition must be balanced. So don't add too many vegetables, it won't taste good.

We need to know how to maintain health in a fun way. Do you agree?

OK, that's all for today's chat. Please come back tomorrow, let's chat again.

2022, May 12 (published #2)
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Having a healthy lifestyle could have a great effect especially in our daily thoughts. What I like about your article is the joy of sharing it with anyone of us. Personally, I've started doing this kind of stuff, when the pandemic has started. And I agree --to add or maintain our health in a fun way too.

I want to say thank you for stopping by to my article yesterday. Have a great day! ^.^

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1 year ago

Rest when I eat vegetables Intention it's imitated for me

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1 year ago

Hehe.. Okay, nice MSTF3740 😊

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1 year ago

Yes u right.. Raw vegetable is really good for health.. Nd lately i love vegetable juices too🙈 it taste good🙈

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1 year ago

🤣🤣 wow.. you are so cool. Not many people like vegetable juice. Most of them prefer fruit juice with added sugar or milk. Nice, ainsley!

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