Choose Yourself, Let Go of Expectations

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1 year ago

Yesterday a childhood friend contacted me. She talked about her anxiety. She sobbed because she was eating his heart with the attitude of his boyfriend who didn't care, was selfish and wanted to win on her own.

I prefer to calm down without commenting.

Because women prefer to be understood without being judged. Listened without being spoken to

I just opened my voice when she asked for it.

The results of the observations, there are several things that must be considered before starting a relationship.

If togetherness doesn't fill your soul, walking alone is the best choice

Would you like to listen to it? Who knows your future crush will also have a character that will be detrimental in the future

  • Extra Narcissism --> Narcissism syndrome

The work continues. It's important or not important, useful or not, what matters is updating.

It's not wrong, actually, but if you get angry in your status, you don't stop talking negatively about other people, or show off this and that, right?

This type will be very troublesome, right! Invited to be shy, it's hard to even bother

  • Playing victim

Of course, it's uncomfortable to be close to people who always feel that they are victims.

Later if you fight with him, you will be published as an invader. Even though he could be really annoying and you are not strong with his character. When you fight, it's like you're really bad.

  • Thick with mystique

It's really bad if your crush thinks like this. Everything seems to be mystical.

People like this are very difficult to think logically and tend to think badly of other people.

  • Pretentious Religion

Isn't it cool when you talk about religious rules? Little arguments, hadiths, said religious leaders. Remind me a little bit of worship. Little talk. Oops tired!

Usually people like this can only talk, you know, there's no application in their daily life!

  • Feeling the most correct

The world has always had two interrelated sides. No one is 100 percent right, and vice versa.

If during communication, he only believes in his thoughts, how can he appreciate your existence?

  • Over control --> possessive

Having a boyfriend like this isn't cool. You can't be yourself and you're going to be in a relationship with feelings of depression.

If he says he's possessive because he loves her, it's clearly bullshit guys!

It's a shame it's not intimidating but respects the freedom of the partner's rights.

It's a shame to believe, it's nice to see a partner move forward and always want to give comfort.

Restraint is not a sign of affection, but ego.

love will always make you grow, not bring you down

So what if you already love?

There is no word already, everything in front always starts from this moment. So take a decision!

  • Love yourself with all my soul

  • So that energy reaches other people

  • Finally they come to do the same thing to you

  • You are comfortable, so you can give the same thing again

  • And a happy environment will be formed

If so, what's the approach?

What are you waiting for? Stop! Stay away now.

Are you ready?

Let's do it!

Level up! Level up, Level up!

2022, May 11 (Published #1)
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Yeah u right my friend.. Its really uncomfortable to get close to people who feels like victim. Everything that we do, will be wrong in their eyes

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1 year ago

Yes I agree my friend, I think we have the same experience? I hope not, yes. btw thanks for visiting

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