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Street Girl (1)

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9 months ago

Good morning my fellow, how are you today? How is work and hustling?

Thanks for listening to my previous story titled The wicked landlord part two

This is another interesting story titled " STREET GIRL". Be patient with me as you will be seeing some pigin English words in it, but it will be fun anyway.

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My mum had started again shouting at my dad , Solo said.

"Useless idiot man! Na one five your mate they give their wife make them take cook food for family of five ? I no blame you ,I blame my papa when God go punish for him grave ! If nor bi him push me give animal like you , na for where me want take see this kind mumu man marry ?

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I was pissed at her for talking to my dad that way in public

" Mama you calm down na ! Na my papa you dey insult for public so !

I admonished her .

" Solo if you nor shut up that your big mouth like Carmel yanch if I land you hot slap this evening you go find yourself for Lagos express way ! Like papa like son idiot useless people."

I was used to my mum's insults and rants, whenever she didn't get anything she wants that's how she behaves .

"Ejiro my daughter please bring the money where you get make we take join take cook better food ,nor mind this useless men "

My father looked at her with anger

"Mama Osas na which work when Ejiro dey do when you dey tell her to contribute money take feed me ?

She hissed

"If I cook the food nor chop , I go even like am"

Ejiro brought five thousand and gave to her mum .

"Better pikin na she dey make her mama proud , no bi all this useless good for nothing men when nor fit do anything but make mouth "

My dad and I,(solo) left the compound. Mama cooked white soup with starch ,me and my dad refused to eat . I went with my dad at Oke's fast food where we went to eat rice and beans two fifty per plate .

Ejiro was just sixteen years old when mama encourage her to hustle like her mates, papa was fully against it , but mama fought my dad to a stand still . Ejiro helped mama to beat papa . Now Ejiro roll with Yahoo boys who give her money ,they come to pick her and drop her from clubs .papa tried to speak with Ejiro , but mama will never let her listen . My younger sister has become a street girl . She buys clothes for mama , buy shoes , buy handbags , she regularly gives mama hundred.

I was closing from night duty , where I worked as a security guard around eight AM , when I spotted my sister Ejiro publicly kissing and caressing a Yahoo boy beside his Lexus Jeep .

" Ejiro are you mad ? What do you think you're doing with that idiot early in the morning?

She hissed and continued kissing , I was pissed and I drag her away from the guy , who was obviously high from alcohol , the smell of alcohol filled my nose while he spoke . She pulled her hands and continued kissing. I got so pissed , I started dragging her to the house .

" Bros na you go marry ya sister ?

The Yahoo guy asked me

" You must be stupid , you ritualist "

I said to him . Ejiro was fighting to go back to him , I got mad and landed her a hot slap .

" Brother Solo abeg small small with am you no say na your small sister !

One of our neighbor mama Kufre said . I ignored her . She was still resisting dragging to go to the Yahoo boy who had gotten into his Jeep and zoomed away .

Mama heard Ejiro's voice as she was crying , she ran out of her room

" Solo ! Why you dey beat my pikin ? You dey mad ?"

I tried to explain but she had landed me a hot slap that cut the words from my mouth .

" Mama I saw Ejiro kissing a Yahoo boy on the street ..."

Mama cut me off

" And so ? Yahoo boy no be person pikin? If you done gree join your mate do yahoo , your sister for nor follow do sell body work ."

Mama grabbed the collar of my shirt

"Solo! You think say na the ten ten naira you and your papa dey give me I dey take buy food , buy cream and make my hair ! I tell you and your papa say as una no fit provide for me make una leave my daughter for me !

Mama tore my shirt and trousers neighbors tried to hold her she wouldn't listen , she said I must beat her ,I ignored her. I went into my room .

Later in the evening I asked Onome to help me call Ejiro to my room when mama had gone for shopping at the plaza

" Ejiro my baby sister you think say me I hate you ? Na me like this back you when you be baby , na me baff you, na me feed you when mama no dey . You think say me and papa hate you ? You think say we no like money? We no gree touch your money because na bad money. Ejiro mama they use you ..."

" Ejiro! Where is Ejiro?

Mama enquired from Onome . Mama barged into my room

" Solo waiting you dey tell my pikin ? You bad belly I no want see you call my daughter come dey put yeye talk for her head . Oya Ejiro Waka leave this place now!

Mama was so pissed at me and transferred aggression to papa when Ejiro refused to hustle for her ,after from the iPhones and clothes whatever Ejiro made from prostitution, she gave to mama. Mama fought Dad three times that week.

" Ejiro my daughter I go die o"

Mama said to Ejiro who was crying

" Mama waiting dey do you ? Mama no die!

Brother Solo! Mama dey die you and papa no gree do anything?

I ignored her I knew nothing was wrong with Mama

Ejiro ran to the pharmacy and bought drugs worth five thousand naira for mama . She fed mama who was perfectly faking her sickness .

Mama replied and said, "Ejiro them ask us to bring fifty thousand naira for meeting , if I no bring am them go remove me for meeting na the thing I think think na him make me sick!"

Ejiro was defeated

" Mama you for tell me na , I for fine the money give you".

With that I saw the last of my sister Ejiro the monster that possessed her I couldn't recognize.

My sister became a full time sex worker,she hardly slept at home .

To be continued........

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Written by   29
9 months ago
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