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Are they my Friends?

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8 months ago

My appreciation goes to Almighty God to see another day which is

Wednesday 24th of November , 2021

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This article is very important for us to know our real and fake friends in our society today.

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Many are pretending to be good but in reality,they are like wolves. Only few of them are real but many of them are fake.

In the outer appearance,they look like a sheep but deep inside there heart, they are treating you as a stupid person. When you see them face to face,they are smiling at you as smart as they could. They're thinking that when they are smiling at you, you're also smiling at them.

Gossiping is the cause of damaging the good reputation of a person within the community,within the family,within the church and above all, the entire world.

The real score is you're wrecking the good relationship between a father and mother within the family, church, community, between a brother and sister within the family,and including friends and neighbors.

Doing bad things, you're automatically damaging many life's that are innocent. Gossipers are those people with bad upbringing in life. They tend to be like a good shepherds but they are dangerous as a scorpion and serpent.

True Friends

True Friends are people with great loyalty and integrity. They're going to rescue you in times of trouble,and crisis.

Fake Friends

Fake friends are people with great ambition and motives. All the things coming out from their mouths are all evils.


A gossiper is one who has privileged information about people and reveals that information to those that have no business knowing it.

Biblical meaning

What does the Bible say about Gossip?

The Bible says that Gossip is an easy sin to commit and come in many forms.

1. Intentional Gossiping:

Gossipers often have the goal of building themselves as some kind of repositories of knowledge.( 2 Cor.12:20)

The intention is to ruined the good reputation of anyone in the society. For example, Mrs Ester ruined the good reputation of Mr John without his knowledge.

2. The type of information shared:

This type of gossiping is too dangerous to everyone. Gossipers speak of the faults and failings of others nor reveal potentially embarrassing nor shameful details regarding the lives of others, without their knowledge or approval.(Rom.1:29).

Beware of Gossipers in our society today. Let us stay away from them.

They are wolves and we need to separate ourselves from them.

Be vigilant and watchful 🥺🥺🥺

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Written by   29
8 months ago
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