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Revolutionizing Communication - Tesla Pi

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9 months ago

Imagine owning a Smartphone without having an AC-DC charger, mind control capability, vehicle remote control,  crypto mining and can still connect to the internet even on Mars.

Sometimes we want to upgrade or replace our Smartphone with better functionality. We even wanted to have a Smartphone with all the things we want, in other words an all-in-one phone.

In my previous post I have talked about differences between a removable and non-removable battery for a Smartphone.

I would like to share information about smartphones again which is something you would want to have just in case it will be out in the market.

There have been a lot of rumors about this type of phone circulating on the internet and YouTube as well and its features are really futuristic.

So here is the rumor

Given the features in my introduction, the new Smartphone with such brilliant capability is Tesla Pi.

Perhaps the name Elon Musk is no longer new to you. He is a billionaire and chief executive of Tesla, a company that produces electric cars.

According to some sources on the internet which includes YouTube, Elon is making his own brand of Smartphone which is the Tesla Model Pi. For the sake of your curiosity I will list down below the would-be features of the said Smartphone.

Tesla Model Pi Phone Features

Satellite Internet Connection: Have you heard about satellite phones? Satellite phones or satphone existed in the early 90s. They are commonly used by the military so that they can communicate whenever they are in remote areas with no cellular service. It means you can connect to the internet via satellite wherever part of the globe you are, even on Mars. That’s the power of the Tesla Pi.

Solar Charging: From the word itself, charging your phone under the heat of the sun. Tired of bringing heavy power banks, charger and cable? I guess you will get one of these phones when it is available in the market.

Neuralink Support: Neuralink is one of the companies that have been working on computer and brain interfaces. According to the company, they said that they will design the first neural implant that will let users control a computer or Smartphone anywhere they go just by thinking about it. So the first phone that is capable of such functionality would be the Tesla Pi.

Car Control: Can you imagine your younger brother playing a remote control car? Yes, this Tesla phone has a vehicle control function. Although there is already a Tesla app that can do such basic functions like lock/unlock or summon your car, Tesla Pi would have a unique feature to integrate Tesla cars remotely.

Mining Crypto: Elon Musk was remarkable for tweeting about Bitcoin and he has been talking about cryptocurrencies in the early days, so it is likely that he would want to have such a feature in his phone. The rumor said that it would mine a new coin called MarsCoin in which he tweeted about. He would need to have serious hardware installed on this phone to work for crypto mining.

Tesla Pi Basic Info

The Tesla Pi has four cameras with 108 megapixel resolution with its main camera. It is powered by a snapdragon 898 SOT chip and has up to 2TB of storage. Battery capacity is 4700mAh and 16GB RAM.

For its physical appearance, please check the video Tesla Model P by adrstudiodesign in which all the rumors have begun.

The rumor said that Tesla Pi would be released by the end of the current year with a price ranging from $800 to $1200 US dollar.

What can you say about this Tesla Model Pi? Would you want to have one when it is available for consumers? As for me, I should say, I want that Tesla Model Pi!


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All photos are screen grab from the video source by  adrstudiodesign

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Written by   212
9 months ago
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That's will be great creation by Tesla but I feel its price is much high and out of access's of common people

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9 months ago

yes, true. I don't think common people will be given privilege to satellite internet connection.

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9 months ago