Diary- that will keep you someday

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I don't know whether it's good or bad to write events of daily life in a diary.. but I just love that. It's like gathering my memories.

I started to write a diary when I was in class 8...

I think everyone should have a diary especially those who are very bad at communication like me and can't cope up with everyone so easily, which happened in my case. Also, mentality doesn't match with most of them. So I started to keep my mouth shut around "them" from childhood..cornered myself. I can't express myself that much, as many of us can!

That doesn't mean I have no friends! 😂 Yeah! I've few friends...but our connection is not that deep.

I can't share everything so easily with them as they do. Can't understand when and how I have to talk. I don't want to give them stress, by telling them about my problems.. and sometimes it's becoming the problem that I'm not sharing my problems. I also kept thinking about how will they feel after hearing it or what they will think about me..and what will be their reaction...

As a good listener, I listen to everything so patiently from my dear ones, and also if any problem arises, try to give them solutions too. But when any problem arises in my life I try to solve myself first, without seeking help. Because I don't want to bother them and I know that it's too bad!

Those who know me, they know me very well.. but I don't give chance to everyone to know me...😝

So when I was in school I had friends but I didn't have a special friend with whom I could share anything I want! I kept myself busy reading storybooks in school to avoid conversations and interaction... I was another person around them which I'm not in reality...I shared my thinking with my mother and she listened to me carefully.. actually, she suggested me to write down everything which I was facing in my day-to-day life ..and that's the story behind it.


Diary is something where you can include your thoughts, your liking, special moments, and also your anger, frustration...

You can enjoy your me-time through this...as I do!

Nowadays you can't find a good listener. If you want to share a problem with someone, they also start sharing their problems without listening to yours. it's like a competition!.. so it is the diary with which you can share everything 🙄

Diary is also the best secret keeper...it won't tell your secret to anyone. Very reliable it is! It also knows about your weaknesses..and you can work on it!

Here you can write anything, there is no one gonna judge you... It can be about what you like, dislike, hate, anger, happiness, special moments which you want to keep as your memories!

Whenever I feel a bit low I go through my old diaries .. sometimes it's fun to visit through your memory lane..some may make you smile. Some are a little bit sad...Like some silly incidents that created distance in past ..which could be solved just saying a simple sorry...🙂 And some incident gives you a lesson about what you shouldn't to do and avoid repeating those mistakes...

Diary has some scientific benefits too! It also sharpens your memory, decreases your anxiety, improves well-being, and so on...


When you write a diary .. some people just want to read your diary. So it's better if your diary has a lock system and always keep the key in a secure place. 😂


I can't believe the best friend type of thing...but of course, best friend exists...For me, I think a diary can be your best friend but can a person? I'm not sure about that!🙂 Because my experiences are the worst in it...😑

If you find anyone who knows all about you and always gives you back without making fun of your weaknesses or your emotions, you are lucky enough.. he/she cares for you, that one is your best friend too ..Don't let them go...Hold them for the rest of your life 🥰

If you are socially awkward and introvert but someone wants to know about you..you can take your time and open up yourself 🙂

Keep a diary and someday it will keep you

Stay safe 💟

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I actually gave my journals a hidden compartment that's ready to trigger a fire if it ever gets opened forcibly. But there's like 8 years worth of journals in there

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3 years ago

Oh! That's interesting actually!🤔 I never heard about the hidden compartment in a journal... How did you make this compartment? I wanna know...☺

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3 years ago

Noo i meant i put them in a secret compartment. It's in the bottom drawer of my study table. It's kind of a false bottom and i made the journals be surrounded by foil then the center (where the handle for the opening is) is where a battery is. If someone opens it forcibly, the insulation on the door will be removed and the battery will short circuit, then the foil will burn and so will the books. A bit extreme but i wrote things I'm not proud of doing

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3 years ago