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Romantic love

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3 months ago

Girl: ---- Do you smoke cigarettes?

Boy: ---- Hmm,

Girl: ---- I will not eat from tomorrow ..

Boy: ---- Why?

Girl: ---- I said so.

Boy: ---- Who are you?

Girl: ---- I don't know.



Girl: ---- Do you wake up at night?

Boy: ---- Every night!

Girl: ---- Sleep well tonight.

Son: ----

That's it?

Girl ---- Hmm



Girl: ---- Why are you always so messy? Hair and beard

Why not cut?

Boy: ---- There's nothing to fix,

I like messy.

Girl: ---- Why?

Boy; ---- the man who will fix it

Said? She's someone else today

Busy packing …… -


Girl: ---- Well, why are you so dry? Eating and drinking

Don't do it right?

Boy: Hmm, I don't.

Girl: ---- Why?

Boy: ---- There are no people to look for, so.


Girl: ---- Do you walk around all day on the road?

Boy: ---- Hmm.

Girl: ---- Why?

Boy: ---- Who did I want to build a house with? After today,


I am also a nomad.


Girl: ---- Why are you always so sad?

Boy: ---- Because grief is my own.

Girl: ---- To love someone?

Boy: ---- Hmm, with life

I would love to.

Girl: ---- Still?

Son: ---- No.

Girl: ---- What if he wants to come back?

Boy: ---- There is no way, moreover there is no place for him in this mind.

Girl: ---- Well you don't dream?

Boy: I used to see it once, but now I don't.

Girl: ---- Why?

Boy: ---- Because, with all the dreams and dreams

Gone, so ……… -


Girl: ---- Well you like yourself

Tile Tile pushed towards death


Boy: ---- I don't want to live

Girl: ---- Life begins anew

You can

No? Can't dream?

Son: ---- No.

Girl: ---- Why?

Boy: ---- I promised him,

The two of us will live together to die in life. If we survive, we will live together,

I will die together.

Girl: ---- He broke his promise and got married to someone else

To one

Boy: ---- But I can't do that.

- -

The girl is crying. And the boy

What are you looking for in the sky

And laughing. Maybe it was the last afternoon

That in the midst of the sinking red sun

Looking for the man's smiling face. But the man is his

Sitting next to it!

This girl is the boy more than his life one day

Loved it.

But one day the girl left the boy alone and did something else

After that, the boy went crazy ........ ,,


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Written by
3 months ago
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I always love romantic love story. Many important things are know we are from love story . carry on

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3 months ago

Welcome guys

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3 months ago