I have never felt to proud

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3 years ago

I have never felt too proud

To admit the things I have done

When I was immature , self obsessed

And probably just too young ,

I have loved with a mediocre heart ,

Never cared about the collection

Of skeletons in my closet

From the lovers I have starved ,

The ones who have ended up

Sleep deprived under my spells ,

Who gave their all and everything ,

Put their feelings and their who being

Within the palms of my hands ,

Just so I could crush them

For my own pleasure

And let them go without a farewell.

Now that i have grown ,

Often do I wonder , where did they go?

The almost lovers,

Who’s hearts I have ripped to pieces ,

Tore them up and shattered them,

Until they forget my name

And called me misery ,

I sincerely hope ,

They’ve found the glue

To put themselves back together ,

I hope the sires have healed ,

And that they’ll understand ;

I was never supposed to be ,

Their happily ever after .

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