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2 months ago

When we talk about Bitcoin cash, we can't omit one of its greatest strengths, which is its community.

The Bitcoin cash community has been most responsible for each of the successes of this project which today is part of the life of each one of us, that is why we can not neglect something as important as bringing Bitcoin cash to more and more people, in order to grow and become stronger, let the world see what BCH really is.

This is the reason why today I write this article, showing what for me are the 5 most important points to choose Bitcoin cash (I clarify that this is totally my opinion and that I agree that for some people other points may be more important).

1- Transaction speed

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest advantages of Bitcoin cash over any crypto or fiat is the speed of each of its operations, being practically almost instantaneous, thus reducing those long waiting periods, which can complicate any type of day-to-day situation.

This is undoubtedly a great advantage for any type of business, because it can provide a more dynamic environment to the payment and collection of each of its operations.


One of the biggest positive points of Bitcoin cash are its incredibly low transfer fees, being totally friendly with large and small users who decide to use it, presenting commissions sometimes so low that they are not noticeable when making any type of payment.

Without a doubt this point is even better for those people and businesses which are constantly violated by high commissions and taxes which strip them of the little they can handle, Bitcoin cash offers them an advantage as great as this.


Is your money safe today? Who guarantees that tomorrow tomorrow will not be in your bank account? Is it really your money?

They are undoubtedly questions that you should ask yourself when it comes to saving what so much effort and dedication cost you to earn.

While banks and "future" savings and investment programs give you false security, Bitcoin cash gives you the opportunity to not only have your money in a magnificent digital safe, but also gives you the opportunity that none of these above gives you, which is to be the true owner of your money, thus being able to do what you please with him, without anyone limiting or observing you.

4- Future

I think that when we get into a project, what we think about most is the future. And although it is something very uncertain, I think that Bitcoin cash is a project which gives us a little peace and hope when we analyze it, that even in its most difficult moments to manage to maintain and defeat each of the obstacles that have been presented to us, that is why it still maintains a large number of people behind it, every day investing and working so that we remain afloat together.


If community, a word which I have repeated with great emphasis during this article, but why?

What is the most important thing in a project? No, it's not the money. The most important thing about a project are the people behind it, since these are the ones who have made possible each and every one of the advantages mentioned above and many more.

Since I arrived at Bitcoin cash I have met incredible people, who have supported me even without knowing me and on many occasions have helped me without even asking for it.

A place where any project can prosper and be forged, where you will not be discriminated against or where you come from, or how much money you have, where you will only be judged by the good or bad that you contribute to the community.

This is undoubtedly the strongest point of Bitcoin cash, that is why we can not always forget the greatest of our objectives, which is the adoption of Bitcoin cash, so that every day we can achieve many more things together.

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Written by   52
2 months ago
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