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Bitcoin ABC Jun 2020 Transparency Report

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In Jun 2020, Bitcoin ABC executed three new releases of the Bitcoin ABC Bitcoin Cash node software, made 225 commits to our source code repository, produced new media and continued advancing towards our fundraising goals. Here is our Jun 2020 transparency report.

Your feedback and thoughts are welcome any time. See our contact information at the end of this report.

This report is also available as a downloadable PDF.

What Bitcoin ABC Achieved in June 2020

  • We released Bitcoin ABC 0.21.8. See here for full details

  • We released Bitcoin ABC 0.21.9 See here for full details.

  • We released Bitcoin ABC 0.21.10. See here for full details.

  • Team members Amaury Séchet and Antony Zegers participated in a developer meeting hosted by The Future of Bitcoin Cash.

  • Lead Developer Amaury Séchet gave an interview to the Podcast.

  • We created  to improve ecosystem communications. We uploaded our blog posts from earlier this year to the new website, some in multiple languages.

  • Our Bitcoin ABC 2020 fundraising campaign reached the halfway mark.

  • We put out our first transparency report.

  • We held a livestream about the Bitcoin Cash roadmap on 19 Jun.

  • We translated an article on automatic replay protection into Chinese with permission from the author, and posted both the English and Chinese versions on our blog.

  • We received an anonymous 143 BCH donation.

See more about what we’ve been working on at

June 2020 Income and Expenditures

In June 2020, Bitcoin ABC received income of $25,000 from USD-denominated sources plus 331.7151618 BCH. In that same month, we had expenditures of $65,347.60 in USD, or USD-equivalent, plus 108.7610663 BCH in expenditures.

Thank you! The income numbers include amounts received as part of the Bitcoin ABC 2020 fundraiser at We greatly appreciate all the contributions we received, which are enabling us to begin growing and building. The fundraiser will continue until completion.


In June 2020, we had income of $25,000 plus 331.7151618 BCH. All income was received in BCH.


In June 2020, we had total expenditures of $65,347.60 plus 108.7610663 BCH.

N.B. Income and expenditures represented in USD were not necessarily received or paid in USD but are simply represented in USD terms for convenience and consistency.

The Bitcoin ABC Team

The new funds we raised during May and Jun 2020 permitted us to also onboard a content marketing manager who is working on improving public communication portals for Bitcoin Cash.

As of 30 June 2020, Bitcoin ABC includes a total of 8 people, as follows:

  • 4 software developers

  • 1 technical operations manager

  • 1 business development manager

  • 1 customer relations manager

  • 1 content marketing manager

Previous Bitcoin ABC Transparency Reports


Please contact us any time with feedback and questions. We look forward to speaking with you.

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2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
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Thank you so much for sharing the records or data and even the things that we need to know about BCH.❤️ I hope BCH community will be together as ine and will create an exemplary work. Thank you to those who are behind this and putting their time and efforts.

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