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Crypto Regulations Stinks , SEC - We The People Of Crypto UNITE! 

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10 months ago

Here I am, 4:45 AM ET. 

If there's anything super-hero-like in my personality, it may be my work ethic. I live on finding, rather grasping at, inspiration, wherever I can get it. 

There's a lot of tragedy in life. More than anyone would know. I'm not a spring chicken, and the world often seems within fractions of fracturing. But, somehow I find the logical swings between just wanting to surrender to the mundane lunacy of this clown clown world in which we live, and realizing that I am not a quitter. Something in me wants to hold to idealism and measures of the man. Things like faith, hope, love, truly biblical proportions and yearnings. We live in a time where belief is frowned upon. Literally a tear in the fabric of what it means to be human. 

Gordon, if you don't make this about the SEC sometime in the first 40 minutes of your read, they're going to trade you in for someone edgy and perdier- lol. 

Okay, so if you are a TLDR- get out of here now! You don't deserve my time and I am not interested in begging for yours. 

If you truly care about crypto, stop, go get your coffee warmed or crack open your Red Bull or whatever zany stuff you kids do these days. Okay, now read like your life depends on it! (I have no idea what that looks like lol). 

The SEC, a commission to protect us nimble of mind and will, from our own lack of judgment. Ahhh, the whims of fancy, the fantastic fiat fortitudes of fortunes and fortresses. The god (little g) of the high towers frowning down at us from their golden committees and chairs of importance. How lowly we must all seem. 

This crypto crowd needs a voice. The revolution needs a leader. I often comb over the CT and BT fun clans and love the intelligence, cool podcasts, brilliant witticisms and think "good, these guys have got it, I can stop worrying so much". Truth be told, really and truly no one "gets it". 

We are mice within inches of getting nabbed by the household cat, readied to be the plaything of a well fed victor. That cat is the SEC. 

Well, really all of the over-fed agencies of this damned government (I'm not cursing. They're going to Hell); a bloated monster that desperately needs lean fish and greens but childishly gluttons on oreos and the blood of free men. Printer go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr into infinity.

  I know it is very likely that the passion with which I pretend to be a resurrected 3D hero from 2004 may not translate well when paid $0.3 in imaginary worthless cash, but there are a few people who really pay attention in Publish0x's reader base that are serious about crypto, and totally worth reaching. This is an appeal from mind and heart to the pure soul of cryptonians.

  It's weird. Really, really weird. I am a reasonably level-headed person. I am not an anarchist. I am not a radical or revolutionary. But, as a person with very strong beliefs and ideals, I feel that line crossed, right before the incredible Hulk gets a twinge, and he really really really  doesn't want to come out, but you ticked him off so it's going to happen. I can tell that Spidey got bit, but he really just does not want to have to spread sticky threads across the metropolis tonight.

  Why can't this stuff work itself out a little better? Because this truly is a cause that needs a leader. I'm going to embody a little of what that looks like, but I have a strong suggestion; take this idea and make it yours.

  A really cool example. 

HEX has grown into an ideal, a cult of Hexicans, and I pray it doesn't reach it's apex when the first real cracks in the hope are discovered. It is really changing people's lives, and if there is a ponzi freak out moment, it could wreck a lot of people too. I honestly don't think that is the aim. But, Coinmarketcap, purchased by the giant Binance, obviously serves a purpose of being yet another one of these high towers, to make Binance king and to lower hand-picked items for which they don't wish to properly assert metrics. Richard Heart has pointed that out, and the Hexicans aren't going to have it. They've literally taken it on themselves to launch a suit against Coinmarketcap to require them to answer for their bias. Maybe they're completely full of crap, but there seems to be something there and I absolutely LOVE IT! I love their boldness. Again, I really have no clue how deep they're point is. Richard, if you're just griping but there's not much there, you've created a monster. But, if you are absolutely right and justified, my goodness bro, you have got the right kind of following, my friend. 

Again, what do I know. I am the future of what crypto needs in the form of an almost has been. But, I'm the very best kind of has been; the kind that ages well and will forever be begging for a sequel. So, you want to adopt me into the family like the wise but somehow eternally youthful silent type that never shuts up. Can young grandpa rise a revolution from the hearts of cryptoland? Let's see.

  Whether you are in Bolivia or Bermuda, the U.S. needs you. FinCen, FATF, SEC, FSOC, you name it, we've got it, and we're out of control. We don't like freedom and we don't deserve 40% of those precious, priceless, theologically sound words of doctrine in our founding father's pen. But you know what, it can live in the hearts and minds of free men and women of crypto.  

RISE UP! Let your voice be heard. "We're mad as well and we're not going to take it anymore!" (Seriously? you don't know the reference? Goooooogle).

  To the SEC:

We don't like being played.  We don't like being played with. 

We DO NOT believe you when you say you stand for clarity.  You are the fog.  We are wiping your residual moisture from our shades and about to deliver a death blow. WHY? Because we are the citizens of cryptonia, (the better choice is taken bc of that crap exchange that really should have been overseen by the SEC lololol).  We are sick of your games.

I will be very honest with you. I don't give a flip about Ripple or XRP. Guess what else; SEC, you've MADE me care. If they are legit enough to still be alive and kicking despite the unforgivable harm you've caused to their market value, they deserve for all of us to have their backs.

Coinbase? Can't stand 'em. Fees suck (darn you for creating a talking point that I agree with Warren on!), always goes down right when it manipulates the market best, is a spam bot of listings now that it went public. All of the things that make crypto feel like your grandpapa's outdated bank trying to go online, but really unsure whether blue and white inspire confidence or are too bold for newer monitors. But, Coinbase provides a reasonably secure place to pretend someone owns their own coins and there are relatively few security complaints. The biggest pain is getting an account unlocked, getting an account approved, getting a bank or card linked up (bc of Obama era 'warnings' of fraud and simply not allowing people to choose what they wish to do with their linked bank accounts among other things). But, when Coinbase tells me that they have been over-talkative with the SEC and the SEC won't even take their calls, but they beg for a friendly open dialog, and in turn they get a subpoena, I 10000000% believe them.

Coinbase, when it comes to the lesser of 40 evils, I am on your side. THAT, is how much I HATE what my government is trying to do to stifle creativity, technology, choice, freedom, financial potential and forward thinking prosperity.

If it is YOUR preferences, YOUR winner/loser list, then everyone can sync up a bank account to a free trading account with Fidelity and 20 others and enjoy commission free stock trading, with dark pools and after hours. If I want to do it at the rate of my crypto trading, I just have to always have an extra $30K rolling around to keep in my account because... well no single good darned reason. But, take that same fellow who trusts the 3 oldest, longest lasting, most reliably performing cryptos, and no, it must be through a fund, or an ETF, or from a shadowy super-coder in Singapore.

I'm sick of it, and so should everybody else be, even if you feel it doesn't affect you.

You may think that volume, liquidity, anonymity don't affect you outside of the U.S., but it is our wing that expands the universe via puppet strings from the U.N. If you don't believe me, take 2 hours, sift through 40 exchanges. This is really important. Truly, if you do not believe, stop being lazy and go look for yourself! Look into their user terms. How many of them don't allow Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Mainland China and... the United States? Out of those, how many of them state it is via the terms outlined by the United Nations? It is an international task force that technically shouldn't even know we exist. I am cutting myself off to worry less about being smart and more about getting you wired to tear stuff up and scream out your window: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm NOTNOTNOTNOTNOT going to take it any more!!!!!"

Where are you? Did you do it? Apologize to your neighbor and finish reading, already- lol.

The SEC is just the easiest, most public face of this terrible beast unleashed. Are there issues in crypto? Oh, heck yeah. And, if there was someone honest to go to about them, that sure would be swell. But, anyone who's promises of clarity, reason and protection somehow end up being a 3rd-time changing of the mind, 2 time changing of the guard, and in the name of clarity they refuse to put up or shut up about a single document or file, and never lean in towards finalizing terms of.........ANYTHING!!!!!... simply put; they cannot be trusted and they never will be the arm of the law to watch over us in servitude.

Any of you around when Coinbase went public? Did you notice their Twitter posts that they were going to go listing crazy and put up every crazy nobody penny stock zero knowledge PoS other definition acronym coin and see what sticks to the wall? Yeah, I lost all respect for them as a public company, until the SEC showed that the Winklevi now have a nemesis doppelganger in the Genslers. (Look it up; Gary's got a twin!).

What makes me madder than anything, is that if you put me in a room with Gary, give me 5 hours and we'd probably be pals, and he would agree with me. He is much, much smarter than me in a textbook manner, but I would win that argument head to head, no questions asked, and if the man has a soul he'd be pulling out the family scrap book, asking himself about his purpose in life, and Epstein didn't kill himself. NEXT!

Is it somehow possible that someone with a single good point is ever allowed within 30 miles of D.C.? I'm pretty sure anyone noble like Mr. Smith is poked in the neck with a date rape drug and hauled off to a dark room with 20 hookers before they ever make it to their first legitimate meeting with a lawmaker in D.C. Prove me freakin' wrong.

These attacks from agencies meant to protect us has GOT to stop. The fog is making it hard to see the future. You are blurring the perfect vision for what is to come and you suck at pretending to be noble.

We are crypto.

We are the people.

We are better than you.

A couple of us are much smarter than you. MIT does not intimidate us. For every Gary, we come loaded with 30 Michael Saylors and a few future Satoshi's for good measure (don't believe me? Get to know a few GEEQs and you'll believe there are still some brilliant brains in the room even if you don't always agree on major points).

Wouldn't it be swell if, in the cases where we actually did need some protection, you know the kind that I hear rumor that tax dollars are supposed to pay the salaries of, that there was an agency we could trust for such help?

Ripple? Seriously they're the threat? Coinbase? I mean seriously, Coinbase? They're the shadowy underbelly of criminal cryptography outsider pandemonia?

Seriously, reading the back and forth of Warren and Gensler I imagine I am dreaming. Is it Gensler's job to decide if fees suck on Coinbase? I thought the problem was that Bitcoin was going to brownout the entire world. Wait, I mean it is that MEV with Ethereum was going to cause all of our transactions to fail, because that's why we ALL want to build DEX on it day and night. 

Seriously, if ETH doesn't fix their fees with 2.0, the market will respond in kind with L2 solutions, or ETH will die the natural death it probably deserves, which is not the legend I wish to see. In some weird way I really admire Vitalik and in other ways, he's kinda tanking it a bit. Give him a break, though, he's done more than most of us in half the time, and he still needs the kindness of a stranger to offer the poor boy's first double burger with cheese. It needs to happen, and soon.

Meanwhile, we need to be allowed to see this experiment through.

It is tactically the right thing to do.

We do not want Klaus to be the only person deciding what we are allowed to do with our lives. We want access to options in accounts around the world. It's the FREAKIN' internet. I should be able to load up a proxy and dance my browser anywhere around the world I please. What is the fun of cypher-funky-punking 24/7 from the comfort of my home, if the coolest place of freedom, the red, white, blue, is the crap that everyone is shying away from? Enforce this. Howey test that. Rules rules rules, print print print, lie lie lie lie lie. I am SICK OF IT and YOU should be too! What happens to the dollar dilutes every single thing you try to do, too!!!

Saving for your family's future? Don't count on it. Gary still has to decide if he wants Ripple to dance around naked in the street or whether to make Mister XRP shave his head in shame. They don't have any goal at all! WHO are they defending in this case??????

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhh pretty sure most of the listings on Coinbase are securities of the unregistered kind, and your drowning fiat garbage is at the highest risk of getting bogged in the mar of cloudy investigative treason. The second we flap our jaws, get ready to watch your assets tank. We are the SEC and you do not deserve the chance to use Google for research to decide on good investments. We must reduce the risk along with the list. Banbanbanbanban. What's good for the CCP must be good in the land of freedom. Not fascist yet? Just wait, we're working on it.



It is time for a revolution and I promise you, a few hundred million accounts are ready to risk the banhammer on Twitter. Think Dorsey wants to lose the entire Crypto Twitter space in the course of a day? Then DO IT! GET MAD and TELL them how furious you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't threaten lives, be gross, or honestly don't even be disrespectful. But, before they take this market from us laughing all the way to Satoshi's secret hide-out, make them abundantly terrified at what happens to their popularity when the real villagers and their real torches are mad as hell, and cannot take it any longer forthwith. I'm working on a more refined British version bc I'm pretty sure it sounds better with an accent.

Take this seriously, because greed filth and power rarely get tiresome for tyrants. We deserve to make choices, good ones and bad ones. These monarchs are through. Their chairs have been worn through and their rears are showing. They are drunk with power and they believe they speak for us. They do not.

It's time to end their reign.

Help me. Help us, the struggling Americans who are tired of being lumped in with all the ills of the sins of our fathers. We love crypto and we love freedom. We do not want to resemble the worst nature of Australia's out of control keepers and handlers. We love the landscape of The Lord of the Rings, and we hate the politics of the real Zealand. No one wants to try things the North Korean way. So, why are we letting them go there? STOP IT ALREADY.

SEC, FSOC and those who only come out of the legacy university woodwork to re-enforce Warren's idiocy, nonsensical rants, as if she stands as a beacon of hope for some poor lost souls somewhere, we're done with you. You have used your minutes. Your time has expired. We Are Done With You.

It is now time to proceed with innovation, great ideas, writers getting paid mad money to say smart things. Tokens that do cool stuff and sometimes fail miserably because they did it wrong. A few billion lost in one place earnestly, while a few gazillion are earned in efficiency and new systems somewhere else. Sorry slow old banker money, now there's something new and different. It's been going for 7 years working without a hitch. What have YOU done for me lately? Nothing?


Seriously people, at the end of the day the real democratization in crypto is right here, right now, and if you don't stand up and get seriously ripped loud and dangerously rowdy and loud, angry as hell, they are going to take everything cool we want to do and squish it with their $5000 devil shoes. lol I don't know it felt right.

Guys, if there's anything I do hope you take from this, it is that Gordon tends to have a strong and accurate instinct on what comes next in crypto. I still have my angry DM to random Binance support person saved in my Telegram, where I told them how disturbing I found it, that they wouldn't go on record to clarify that Binance had no intention of getting rid of its U.S. customers. This was 1 years before the ban. I know what I'm doing more often than not.

This government is hand in hand with the WEF and the CCP and it does not end well, and that end comes soon if you don't stand up and get flames-out-of-temples furious and say something.

If I say something, it will last for 20 seconds. If the few people I know like and retweet, it will last for 30 seconds. To make this go beyond a trend, break viral and reach legendary NFT-selling status, it needs the world of crypto. I think this is that Jerry McGuire memo moment, and you can be the cool ones- I'll be the nerd who grew a conscience.

Every day, let them know how out of line they are. They do not speak for us or anyone else.

We don't need clarity.

We know what the hell WE are doing here. Where did you get off deciding that MIT roots mean holier than thou Gary-manderings? lol. I'm picking on him because I'm too lazy to cover the gamut. Gary, in fact, isn't nearly as bad as many, but he's in the seat and his rear is showing, and there isn't any more hair to shed for me to poke at as a weakness. I don't think vanity is a region that will work for Warren or Gensler, so I must appeal to the fact that they are leading the way, and there are ZERO followers actually IN the crypto space, who they are protecting. The only people who agree with them, are proud to spout that they "own no crypto". Word to the wise, your endowments are poorly spent supporting people who's research only exists to protect people from good investments.

And on that note... I'm gonna go take a cold heroic shower and pretend this works, and we have just sparked the greatest people's movement the internet has ever seen... for now Crypto Gordon Freeman...out .

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10 months ago
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