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Bitcoin Cash Dev Meetup 04/04/20 Recap

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1 month ago


The last developer meetup was about Bitcoin Cash Payment buttons. The main highlight was Ty's project called Here's the attendee turnout:


Gateway is a payment button for Bitcoin Cash that has some high-level features including merchant signup, sever-authenticated payments, transaction fee based revenue model, and more. You can check out the documentation at

Paybutton is a bit simpler than gateway. Christian made a fork of Paybutton and updated the color to green. He also changed the back end to use bitdb instead of the Rest API.

Data Integrity + Censorship Resistance

Christ Troutner has been working on code to make unsensorable websites using IPFS and hashes written onto the BCH Blockchain. You can check it out here:

Ty Everet has a Proof-of-Concept paper that integrates the same two technologies in cloud VM's. You can read his detailed paper here:


The meeting ended with a discussion about the need for a web wallet for Bitcoin Cash and about web wallet security. I really enjoyed the discussions had.

The next meeting will Feature P0oker and his new project. Stay tuned.

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1 month ago
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Did someone say webwallet? I support wholeheartedly.

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1 month ago
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