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In BCH Argentina we are proud to present our new website to spread the use of Bitcoin Cash as a currency.

BCH Argentina is an institution and community that aims to promote the use of Bitcoin Cash as a currency in the country. Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized digital currency that allows us to make instant payments at a very low cost, with a fixed and limited issuance of 21 million units.

To fulfill our mission, we have launched our new website, where we offer information, advice, training and support to all those interested in this technological innovation. The website has a modern, intuitive and easy to navigate design, with sections ranging from the most basic to the most advanced about Bitcoin Cash.

On the website you can find an introductory guide to the use of the digital wallet, which is the one we recommend for its good performance and positioning. You can also access a map of merchants that accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment method, as well as a podcast with news and updates on the ecosystem.

In addition, the website has a FAQ section where we answer some common questions about Bitcoin Cash, such as how to buy and sell BCH in Argentina, how BCH are created, what is special about Bitcoin Cash and what is its backing.

The website also invites you to join the BCH Argentina community through our social networks and our Telegram channel, where there are more than 700 people asking and answering questions daily. You can also contact us by email or WhatsApp.

The new BCH Argentina website is a fundamental tool to spread the use of Bitcoin Cash as a currency in the country. With it, we hope to reach more people, educate them about the benefits of this cryptocurrency and encourage its adoption. At BCH Argentina we are convinced that Bitcoin Cash is the future of money and we want to share it with you.


Also, we would like to inform that this new website was not part of the goals of our last Flipstarter (which we are still working on fulfilling).

We would like to thank Luca (Anchat / LaEternaVigilancia) for helping us with the web design.

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