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This post is the full text copy of the https://flipstarter3.bcharg.com/en for everyone to see after deactivating the Digital Ocean websitre.

Let's go for more: New actions for the growth of the BCH Argentina community.

We are proud to inform that we have achieved and surpassed the objectives that we had set forth in the Flipstarter dated 8/8/2021.
As you will be able to observe, the price of BCH at the time this Project was duly validated was of 592 USD. The average price of BCH during the applicable stage was of (361 USD), and we ended with 130 USD. This shows Bitcoin Cash Argentina’s commitment with honouring its word and, above all, with Bitcoin Cash. The only point that we were not able to achieve was the time frame. We believe that this was due in part to the drop in price level, as well as the predictable ending of various fraudulent projects that appeared in the Crypto ecosystem, which eroded trust amongst many people. Anyway, our commitment to the wide adoption of Bitcoin Cash is independent of the outcome of this Flipstarter. We are a team of 8 people; we also have outsourced services such as community Manager and support via whatsapp. Our services will be guaranteed regardless of the outcome of this Flipstarter. Promises versus Results: Results verification of Flipstarter II

Flipstarter III

Given the current reality of the market, we decided to delay the launch of this project. However, the time window generated between the completion of the flipstarter II and the current presentation, did not stop us in our commitment to the development of all kinds of actions aimed at promoting the awareness and use of Bitcoin Cash in Argentina. For this stage, we had developed 15 actions, each of which seeks to underpin the entire existing structure. However, given the current situation, it seems appropriate to make a selection of the 7 actions that we believe will generate the greatest impact and thus moderate the request for resources from the community. We leave open the possibility that any interested party may contribute outside of this flipstarter to move forward with the rest of the initiatives.

Goals of this flipstarter:

Chocolate night:

The objective is to encourage consumption and take advantage of the K24 (convenience store) network, with more than 90 points accepting BCH in the city of Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina). During one night the BCH Argentina community goes out to consume chocolates in all the stores. Then, they upload to social networks an image/video of their purchase with Bitcoin Cash and BCH Argentina reimburses them for the cost of the purchase.

“Akataka” Tournaments

The goal here is to attract board games lovers to Bitcoin Cash. Using board games tournaments coordinated by Akataka (as suppliers in this sector), we can increase the BCH’s visibility.

During the BCH Experience IV in Akataka – one of the largest stores selling board games in Argentina – the board games community was very receptive and showed interest in BCH. Our goal is to continue reinforcing this community’s integration with BCH. The idea is to carry out on-line tournaments sponsored by BCH Argentina taking advantage of our good connections with Akataka, in order to continue working on promoting the board games community to adopt BCH.


Conferences/ Chats

Four (4) new conferences on BCH in four different cities in Argentina. In this way we hope to extend the use of BCH in different parts of our country. During 2021 we organised two conferences outside of Buenos Aires City. The first one was in the city of Ushuaia, and the second one in the city of Río Grande, both of which lie in Argentina’s southernmost province of Tierra del Fuego.

BCH Experience V: Hard Rock Café - Ushuaia

More than 80 people attended the “Experiencia BCH V" conference. The famous Hard Rock Café in the city hosted a wonderful chat in which we informed the community about the origin of BCH and its benefits. After a two-hour chat, attendees surprised us by asking many questions that not only revealed their great interest in the product, but also an advanced level of knowledge regarding the world of crypto-currencies.   

BCH Experience VI: Rock Music Bar (Rio Grande)

We then travelled for 3 hours to the northern part of the island of Tierra del Fuego to visit Rio Grande, an industrial city whose public clearly differs in their doubts and queries. Those attendees who had a more business-orientated profile sought to understand the principle of this tool as a means of payment. Their questions were not centered on speculation, but rather on how to convert BCH into fiat currency. We noticed some scepticism on their part, and during this chat we were able to identify that this stemmed from a bad experience they had had with one particular exchange. This represented a challenge for our BCH Argentina speakers who during the chat were nevertheless able to show the audience the benefits of our tool, and show them the independence that its users have compared to those that operate with custodial platforms.  

Adoption: 50 new shops and stores for Argentina.

We know that use and adoption go hand in hand. Both are necessary if we want to successfully establish Bitcoin Cash. This will enable us to reach 300 stores accepting BCH in Argentina. With a larger and more varied number of shops and stores accepting BCH, the local community will be able to consume in more sales-points. Together with the new Kit for stores and shops, we would have more and better distributed shops in Argentina accepting BCH. Objective: 300 sales points 


We usually make such contests involving products and services of the shops that are already members. Winners are then guided to purchase articles in stores and shops accepting BCH. This allows us to quickly increase the number of real followers of BCH Argentina in social networks (especially in Instagram). Post 

Wallet Activation:

Direct BCH promotions, assisting attendees in opening wallets.

  • Cadena K24 This entity has more than 300 employees, for whom we wish to activate wallets containing BCH. This would assist in forming an economic loop between these consumers (who are, in turn, the main players serving the public), and the stores and shops themselves.

-BCH Experience: Five (5) new meetups in which the stores and shops that integrated BCH got new clients, and participants from the community got help and assistance in using BCH to consume products and services in the shop. In addition to the four conferences, we will be doing a monthly BCH Experience or conference in Argentina.

Prode World Cup - Qatar 2022 by Bitcoin Cash Argentina

Another way to link up with people in the community is through Football (Soccer), which is the most popular sport in Argentina. Having this in mind, we want to launch a contest in which prizes will be awarded for a total of 1 million Argentine pesos ($1,000,000 = USD 5,000 approx). Participants will have to announce their prediction as to the results of all the football matches, whereupon they would earn points based on their correct responses. Whoever gets the highest number of points would be the winner of the “Prode World Cup – Qatar 2022 by Bitcoin Cash Argentina”. During 2021 we arranged a similar football contest with the “América Cup”. This generated many interactions and brought in followers to BCH Argentina in Instagram and Telegram. We believe that since the World Cup is the most popular sporting event in Argentina, and since the BCH Argentina community is larger, the impact generated would be much larger than the one we had in 2021. [Posthttps://www.instagram.com/p/CREt-6sL9EN/ 

Outstanding targets that are not part of this Flipstarter:

BCH Economic Zones (BCHEZ):

First experiment: BCH Punilla

At BCH Argentina we have been trying for some time to promote a saturated usage point in some small towns in Argentina. Geographical limitations in this respect (since our team is based in the City of Buenos Aires) have not allowed us to have this localised usage in specific parts of the country. Now, however, we have the chance of promoting BCH in four towns in the Valle Punilla tourist region in the Province of Córdoba, which is a very popular mountainous tourism area in Argentina.

Why can we do this now? Basically, because now we have the right person for this task who can champion this region. This person is Luca from La Eterna Vigilancia (The Eternal Watch), also known for having produced the documentary “Quien mató a Bitcoin” (Who killed Bitcoin?). BCH Argentina would take part in a local project, facilitating development of a specific strategy for that region’s culture.

Implementation Plans:

  • Electronic Festival, where people would get discounts when paying with BCH to buy tickets, drinks, dinners, etc. BCH would be the means of payment to be advertised inside and outside of the event through the use of billboards and a specific localised marketing exercise. Already done

  • Folklore Festival: As with the Electronic Festival, only that it would target a different and more traditional audience.

  • Videos on BCH with a local flavour, using local actors. This is at present in the recording and editing stage. Already done

  • Adoption by a large number of stores and shops. The objective is to get the majority of shops and stores in the area to accept BCH.

  • Local Marketing: This would be done using advertising in social media and street billboards.

  • BCH Conference: organising a BCH Conference in this area would help to attract attention from new people.  

Kit for Shops: See full KIT (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-VWN7K9w9_tHQeClLDH_dHKTHfnHJaW8/view)

We have observed that both the employees of shops as well as the member shops and stores themselves, are ideal agents for generating an impact on people who do not yet know about BCH. This is why we have recruited the services of industrial designers, together with whom we have defined each detail of the elements that we believe will achieve the desired effect. We will be producing Merchandising Kits (please see pictures), that will be delivered to all member shops and stores (250), and those that will shortly become members (i.e., a further 250). Objective: To generate a positive image effect amongst users who still do not know about BCH. Generate product loyalty amongst owners and employees. Improve relationships between employees and the tool we are offering, as it will facilitate access and practical use of it.

Commerce Box:

The entire Box for physical shops and stores, with everything that is needed in order to consolidate the use of BCH. 

E-Commerce Box: This is a full e-commerce Box.

Educational Videos

The purpose of these videos is to provide high quality content in the Spanish language. In a second stage, they will be provided to “Influencers” recruited by BCH Argentina. In this way, we would be giving high market visibility to the product. “Change your Cryptos for BCH”: What good reasons are there for me to change my BTCs or other crypto-coins into BCH? How would I go about swapping them? In Argentina many people have crypto-coins, but only BCH is used as a means of payment. Part of these educational videos’ objective is to bring together people having other cryptos to BCH. “Buying and Selling BCHs”: Localcryptos.com is the best P2P platform presently available, because it lets you purchase BCH directly using pesos in a P2P platform with no custodian. For these reasons, we are promoting this product.
“How can a User accept BCH?” POS.Cash Register App BCH Prompt.Cash This group of videos was specifically designed as a means of educating people who have or serve in shops or stores (both on-line as well as physical shop facilities), with the goal of implementing the best platforms to collect revenues using BCH.

Tutorial Video:

This is a different way of highlighting Bitcoin Cash’s efficacy and efficiency, compared to other forms of money. This video has as its protagonists, four friends who wish to travel together. Each of them uses a different means of payment: Marcelo: BCH Juan: BTC Alberto: Argentine Pesos (cash) Cristina: Bank Transfer The goal of this video is to identify and describe the hindrances, tax retentions, safety issues, etc, of other payment means versus the advantages of BCH in all aspects, without avoiding to address the complexities of today’s high level of price volatility. We will be recruiting a drawer for the necessary animations.


See the case of “Lemon Cash”. The goal when using Influencers (Instagram) as a “megaphone” for BCH, is to have BCH Argentina reach many more people on-line in Argentina. Regrettably, in Argentina many frauds are committed using Influencers who guide people into Ponzi schemes. Our goal is to guide them towards BCH, focusing on the benefits of using this as a means for transactions in Argentina.

Sponsorship “A” – Similar to the “Argentina Open FootGolf”

During the year 2021, we sponsored the “Argentina FootGolf Open”, where we appeared next to firms like Hyundai. This international tournament, one of this sport’s six most important in the world, brings together 200 players from all of Argentina and the world. In 2022 we wish to once again sponsor a major annual world event.


Sponsorship “B” – Athletes:

A different way to reach other public targets at an accessible cost, is to sponsor elite sports athletes specialising in sports that are not as popular but which nevertheless have high visibility. Many athletes and sportsmen in Argentina are well respected: our objective is to link the sporting image of those with the best reputations to BCH. We will sponsor five (5) sports athletes that will wear the BCH logo on their sportwear, and will show it in their social networking posts.

Mobile App

We believe that this will revolutionise the use of Bitcoin Cash. Where am I now? What shops and stores do I have nearby? What are today’s special offers? This app will open the way for us to send notices to each user. In this way, we would penetrate into each person’s routine in order to incentivize the use of BCH. One of the problems of having many shops is that clients do not know that they are there. Most of us use map.bitcoin.com to learn what we have close by, but we may lose sight of shops that are not so close and that have delivery service or make web-based sales. This is why we want to design an app that allows bringing shops closer to users in their day-to-day transactions. Thus, shops can promote their products with discounts in BCH and users will have a hub showing discounts when using BCH. This app will also allow, in a flexible and direct way, for new people to become members of the stores and shops network.


A mural painted with a design associated with BCH in the town of Capilla del Monte, Córdoba Province, which is a well-known town since it attracts many people who claim to have seen UFO’s. This would give us an opportunity to play with a BCH and aliens motive, for the mural and local advertising. The first wall has already been painted (see pictures and video ). The objective would be to paint a second bigger mural in the same village. Then the expansion would be towards Buenos Aires. Already done (first mural only).  

The campaign has been funded: https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-cash/transaction/abd826606ebfe13ee2783398ce30ceb92a6aa8160e3a6b1fab4572947b84b139

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