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The Coinparty Projects and Descriptions

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Coinparty Hackathon Projects and Descriptions

You must have heard of the Coinparty Hackathon hosted by Bitcoin Unlimited which commenced on the 13th of January, 2021? If you haven't, you may just want to get some little idea of what the Coinparty Hackathon is.

The Coinparty evolved from an idea to scout creatives who can build and develop the future of Bitcoin Cash into an hackathon reality where Developers, Business Developers, advertisers, Graphic designers and a whole lot of Bitcoin Cash well wishers met. The hackathon lasted for a week and over 30 projects were submitted.

Coinparty Hackathon Projects

  • Tommygun's Coin Slot

  • SLaP

  • Marzipan

  • Blinkit

  • BitPal

  • SplitSeed

  • Options.Cash

  • hCaptcha Telegram Bot

  • Paytaca


  • Hedge Tracker

  • CryptoScrum


  • PurelyPeer |

  • CashBlocks


  • SLP Ship

  • Unstoppable Web

  • Only Cash


  • Pangolin II

  • ChainBridge

  • Chimoney

  • OnlyCoins

  • BCH Market bot

  • Inside Party

  • Open source Repo Market

  • Easy Non-fungible Tokens

  • DeFi Coin flips

  • Project Unity

  • SageNet

  • Skylar

  • CoinToys

Interesting enough, all these projects were entries submitted to the Coinparty Hackathon, all built on Bitcoin Cash.

Coinparty Hackathon Projects Description

Tommygun's Coin Slot

The project Tommygun's Coin Slot was entered by @Tommygun as an entry to the Coinparty Hackathon. Tommygun's Coin Slot is a virtual coin slot for players to purchase digital items using bitcoin cash through an in game object.


Specifically for iOS supported devices, Ed Arenberg designed slap so two iPhones can just send crypto currency by tapping the phones together.


Built by a team of 4 Developers, Marzipan is a Loyalty reward program, which aids Merchants to create and manage loyalty points based on SLP tokens.


Blinkit is built by a Developer dubbed Techtek. It is a program designed to get users notified with a blink of light and sounds when Bitcoin Cash related Blockchain actions occur.


BitPal is a self hosted payment processor built by a team of two Developers, Jonas Hietala and Filip Strömbäck.


This project was entered by @tibanne and Jenny Lin created as an attempt at solving the problems of creating a 24 word seed by combing two 12 word parts. The first part is derived from a combination of your email address and password and is never sent to the server. The second is generated randomly on the server during account creation and sent to the client to be combined with the first part whenever you log in.


The Project aims to bring on-chain options to Bitcoin Cash through covenant contracts and price oracles. Options are a type of derivative in which the investor pays for the right to optionally buy or sell an asset at an agreed-upon price and date.

Options.Cash was entered by a team of two, Cintia Shinoda and Natan Camargos.

hCaptcha Telegram Bot

The hCaptcha Telegram Bot is typically created to help solve spam issues on telegram, the bot automatically restricts users from messaging in a telegram group until the Successfully fill out the captcha. Each claim is met with a new restriction requiring users to fill out captcha, thus eliminating bots from claiming tokens. The project was entered by a team of two, Artur Temirov and Keith Patrick .


Paytaca is focused on developing wallets and bringing sound digital money to the masses. It's uniqueness is derived from it's ability to facilitate offline transactions at the time of purchase. Paytaca is developed by Joemar Taganna and his Team.

A permissionless registry for Bitcoin CasH Improvement Proposals (CHIPs) based on Memo protocol and BitTorrent network. The Project was entered by a team of 3.

Hedge Tracker

The Hedge Tracker is a tracker of settlement transactions from AnyHedge contracts direct from the BCH blockchain. It also aims at creating a dashboard that will give a real time updates on recent transactions settled.


CryptoScrum is a tool used to manage the product backlog and two scrum ceremonies: Sprint planning and Sprint demo. The project was entered by Eva Sanchez Guerrero.

The project was submitted by team, with the Aim of providing an uncensored payment method for creators and businesses.

PurelyPeer | is a working game prototype that attaches economic value to specific locations, a map-based scavenger-hunt game, used to promote merchant adoption of Bitcoin Cash and SLP tokens.


CashBlocks is a simple visual layer where you can drag and drop logic blocks to build a smart contract. is a constant product market maker built on Bitcoin Cash.

SLP Ship

SLP Ship is the platform that enables transferring SLP tokens to Ethereum and back to Bitcoin Cash rewarding the original SLP holders.

Unstoppable Web

Using the Bitcoin Files Protocol (BFP) and a new markup language called Bitcoin Markup Language (BML), application developers can now HOST & DELIVER their HTML, JavaScript and CSS directly from the Bitcoin BCH blockchain.


Premium Subscription Content Sharing Platform. Social media platform for sharing premium content Typically stock photography, Tutorials, chefs, fitness enthusiasts, musicians, etc. Content creators set subscription cost in BCH Users can deposit and withdraw BCH. Share anything you want with your fans, Live Video chat, Videos, Images and Documents and collect recurring BCH payments.

Fridge.Cash is a smart fridge that sells Club-Mate iced tea for BCH. Once the fridge has enough BCH to order a new round of Club-Mate iced tea, the embedded raspberry pi sends an order to a third party BCH Fiat gateway which sends the Fiat funds directly to a third party Club-Mate iced tea provider, and the order is made. The smart-fridge needs a human companion.

Pangolin II

Pangolin is an incentive program to encourage students to complete online classes. Users (or their parents) put money into an account that reimburses them in PangoPoints to the degree that they finish their work. Users earn PangoPoints for completed courses. When they finish, they redeem the points. They can then either trade the points in at the online store, earn Bitcoin with them, or pay bills (with a Bitcoin to cash arrangement). If the actual money is at a remove, with a couple of degrees of separation, there is less of a feeling that students are being "paid to study."


ChainBridge is a service and application to transform BCH transaction history into old-school government, banking or credit-scoring related documents.


Chimoney enables companies, Dev relations teams, HR, and event organizers to send a reward token that can be redeemed for anything: airtime, gift cards, and BCH.


OnlyCoins is a monetized content distribution service. Content creators can earn cryptocurrency from users who want access to private content. It allows content creators to receive instant funding directly from customers.

BCH Market Bot

A Virtual assistant in form of a Bot that assists users with daily market tasks and Transactions.


InsideParty is the ultimate backend library for clearnet services to provide BCH as an option to users.

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