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The Best Tool Against Government Corruption is Crypto - Kim

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2 months ago

Crypto Currency; The Best Tool Against Government Corruption

From the inception of the idea of crypto-currencies, most government have been making efforts to clamp down the innovation but, to no avail. For centuries, the government have been printing money into circulation endlessly, making it an avenue to fund their corrupt plans, they've always limited power to their control (they can do and undo).

Crypto-currency came as Liberty, liberating the people (us), from the government and redeeming money & power to the people (Decentralization). According Satoshi's whitepaper for Bitcoin, quoted from the abstract, A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

Earlier today, I was scrolling through my tweets as usual, then I came across a tweet from Kim Dotcom, @Kimdotcom, CEO of monetization platform He tweeted;

Your best tool against government corruption is CRYPTO. Stop using fiat, the endless printing of money to finance their corrupt schemes.

NEVER use government issued crypto, Make the world a better place by shifting power to the people. Only Buy from vendors that accept crypto.

How Is Cryptocurrency The Best Tool Against Government Corruption?

Crypto-currencies have offered the people decentralization, privacy and free access to money so, how can this be a tool fighting against the government's corruption?

Looking critically, the only thing that has given the Government so much power is money, and the they have the ability to create money as much as they want. The continuous creation of money in an unlimited manner has caused inflation in the system of economy making things more expensive. This will even get worst if crypto currencies are not embraced globally.

Interestingly, Bitcoin, the mother-chain of crypto currencies has set a pace for decentralization - transfer of control to the public, this means that everyone is owns entitlement of their money on the chain.

With all of this opportunities, we all need to dedicate efforts in ensuring that the idea of crypto currency is being spread via crypto currency enlightenment and adoption, across the globe starting from your home.

Through enlightenment, merchants can be raised; a means where crypto users can spend crypto currencies across the chain without passing through a financial system. We should also practice to patronize crypto currency merchants within our regions, a continuous practice of patronizing merchants will earn more merchants that will accept crypto transactions voluntarily.

Crypto-currencies have limited supplies, meaning that, instead of experiencing the decline of purchasing power while spending fiat, much more valued will be added to money spent as crypto.

The Banks being a third-party to fiat transactions is controlled by centralization, they own control of your money and monitors how you spend your it. They also have an access to your identity, these are reasons why you need to patronize crypto vendors.

If there is any way to restore power via money to the people, it is spending crypto instead of fiat. Don't just spend crypto but ensure you are not using a Government owned crypto, lets all, in unity fight against centralization via educating everyone we come across, about utility driven crypto currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

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Written by   117
2 months ago
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Kim is the guy who got caught because he sent unencrypted emails inside his team about megaupload.

He should know about email encryption since 1990

He does not.practice what he preaches at all

All the things he promoted in the past ten years never released or failed

He even rage quit MEGA after someone else bought up majority of stocks, he then tweeted like a pissed kid to damage MEGA and never released anything afterwards.

He became rich by making easy money selling overpriced security consulting to businesses in Germany in the 90s

He was named Kim Schmitz and left Germany as he was hunted for insider stocks trading.

Well I simply dont see that fat guy as an idol as he can not even take care of his body a little bit.

He is very negative in his marketing approach of BCH I think that attracts many depressed people but not too many creators.

I think BCH would be better off if he would simply produce results first then talk. I assume he is just talking to pump BCH then sell.

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2 months ago

I really can not attest to how fair you are because i do not know him in person but, I've been following him up on media platforms. I can only attest that what he tweeted is true 🙂.

Let's just Do our best to let the world know #Bitcoincash

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2 months ago

What he tweets is just one perspective of a depressed man channeling his anger on others. He rarely tweets positive things, his attitude attracts similar haters. Bad for BCH as haters are very inefficient wasting lots of energy on the mental fight they create in their minds.

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2 months ago

Great article. KimDotCom is one of the people I look up to in the crypto space. Much better to yoke to someone like Kim, than an Elon Musk. Kim is a man of the people. The US government tried to destroy him, stole everything he worked for, and no one said a peep to help stick up for him from his own government. I'm going to share this article on my Twitter account so it gets more exposure. I can't believe only on thumbs up in over 8 hours! That's sad.

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2 months ago