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Explore SmartBCH (Sep-20)

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Introduction To Explore Smartbch - The Book

It's been an exciting journey so far as a member in the Bitcoin cash community and everyday I've always thought of what to do perhaps to impact every members positively. Now, here's me writing a book ; not just a book, a book based on the purpose of educating everybody about cryptocurrency and not just any cryptocurrency but Bitcoincash.

Let's travel back in time to the creation of Bitcoin cash, as an electronic money for peer-to-peer digital transactions envisioned to redeem the world and it's economy from the hands of selfish and centralized governance just as stated in Satoshi's whitepaper for Bitcoin published in 2008. For the manifestation of mass utility and adoption of Bitcoin cash, projects like smartBCH was birthed.

Fostering easy navigation for full utility of the smartBCH project is the major aim of Explore SmartBCH, also for the purpose of enlightening the entire bitcoin cash communities across the globe on how to take part in such an amazing revolution of money.


Brief History

From inception, a group of Bitcoin cash enthusiasts gathered to develop on the open-sourced nature of the Bitcoin cash Blockchain to nurture and develop a sidechain for Bitcoin cash that will enable users to create decentralized apps and perform other activities as possible on the Ethereum Blockchain.

A flipstarter campaign was then created in March, 2021 to raise 1000 BCH to accomplishment of the first step through the project.

What is SmartBCH?

According to the SmartBCH whitepaper, smartBCH is a sidechain nicknamed Sep-20 for Bitcoin Cash and has an aim to explore new ideas and unlock novel possibilities. A sidechain is a blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions with a special relationship with the main chain because of a two-way peg; in this case between Bitcoin Cash and smartBCH.

An easy illustration of what smartBCH can do could be derived from the functions of ethereum on dApps and smart contracts. Being EVM & Web3 compatible, developers can use the smartBCH source code to develop games, smart contracts, decentralized applications and every other thing possible on the ethereum blockchain.

Why smartBCH?

What difference is smartBCH offering? Why should anyone prefer smartBCH to Ethereum or any other existing project in the Blockchain ecosystem?

Here's why;

SmartBCH maximizes on the Bitcoin cash blockchain which offers a fast, secured, way of transacting electronic cash in a peer-peer system with low processing fees, to create utility beyond just being a payment service provider.

The idea behind smartBCH can be related to Vitalik's idea behind the creation of Ethereum, to enable developers leverage on Bitcoin cash's features to create real-world applications through smart contracts.


SmartBCH is compatible with Ethereum's EVM and Web3 API and provides high throughput for DApps in a fast, secure, and decentralized manner.

For the end users, this will enable you make transactions faster with the cheapest fee offer in the entire crypto space.

Why Explore SmartBCH - The Book

In as much as smartBCH is a gateway to access diverse utility on the Bitcoin cash blockchain, creating awareness of it's possibilities could help it grow faster in terms of persons exploring it and otherwise.

The book "Explore smartBCH" will serve as a resource book which will guide especially newbies through the intensive utility of the smartBCH projects and even how to build on smartBCH.

It could also serve a purpose of gifts at meetup events, passbooks in communities across the Bitcoin cash ecosystem.

Explore smartBCH is a project written by Precious Effiang and edited by the editorial.

Launch Date - Will Be Communicated Shortly

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Written by   145
5 months ago
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