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TORUM - It ain´t easy being Purple

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6 months ago
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Kermit was so right when he said:

It´s not easy being purple  and neither is being a Torum Lander.

The platform underwent several upgrades and of course, after each upgrade bugs popped up everywhere.

On top of that, you need to figure out the interface, see the added value, and join in to achieve your goal of getting your hands on those XTM rewards. As mentioned in my previous TORUM post, that is hard.

Christmas is all about forgiveness

So, for all the people that signed up, but did not make it, it´s almost Christmas so I am in a good mood....

Still, I love to do the statistics... now after my first post 46 people signed on.....out of those 46 a freaking 23 still are on 0 in their power bar, that´s 50%!

16 are truly active and reached and filled their power bar at least 25% in 3 weeks.... but when the going gets tough, the tough..

.. are the people that get the point and see the possibilities TORUM has to offer....right now but especially in the future.

Where MARK´s META is still trying to buy its identity, TORUM is developing from a pre-mature METABaby into...well a TORUM Toddler. And that toddler needs landers that are at least tough enough to stick around. Even when times get hard and XTM drops from $1.30 three weeks ago to a $0.62 low...luckily we are back up again...well at least a bit.

Because even at that 0.62 cent rate you still make $10 in a week.

Daily: Post something - 0.5625 XTM, Post something in a clan - 0.5625 XTM, Like 5 Posts - 0.125 XTM, Daily Login - 0.125 XTM

That´s 1 dollar doing daily missions right there. Plus another 5 XTM for 7 consecutive days on TORUM, plus additional missions.

And that initial bunch of tough landers includes these guys & dolls:






They are the first 5 of the first group of my mentees completing their Power Bar Initiation phase-

If you are already on TORUM give them a follow, if you are not join TORUM and then give them a follow.

The 2nd Post

Now when I noticed that 50% of the peeps that joined after my initial article did not do poo, I tried a different approach.

I wrote a follow-up post where I incorporated some more info on how hard it is to earn XTM these days, after that post, only 8 people signed on.

Now, in all honesty, that article had half the readers so let's make it 16 for a fair comparison.

That meant that if you tell people it´s a tough job, over half of them do not even get started. Lazy sons of ....well probably of lazy mothers.

But 3 out of those 8 are actively filling up their power bar (more on the power bar in my previous article) which is 37.5%. Comparing that with 34% of the joiners from the first article, it comes down to this.

35% of the people signing up for TORUM are turning into active Landers, no matter if you make it sound easy or hard.

From that 2nd Batch I also want to call out some Landers who deserve a follow, as they will probably fill up their power bar over the next couple of days:




Check them out, do them the honor of your follow as they are still fighting through that first and probably most difficult level.

So for those of you who want more info on TORUM check out my previous 2 articles

TORUM -This early Metaverse made me so much Money but of course it´s about the Tech

TORUM - Getting Free XTM is hard work

For those lazy sons of stay-at-home moms.....don´t even try to join the TORUM Metaverse...just wait for Facebook....because that´s your type of META the one that´s stealing your data.

NOTE: As a son of a stay-at-home mom, I apologize to all stay-at-home moms of whom I implied to be lazy.... Raising a kid is a hard job, raising them to become good human beings is the hardest job.

But if you knew that already you would be laughing about my joke.

Hence for all those moms reading this article and taking this personally (which should be 0) ....maybe you should take a long hard look in the mirror instead of the bottle tonight.


All the work one has to do to be politically correct these´s a joke you idiots...why so serious. Hope you enjoyed my little rant, if so 😘the 👍 button and have a lively rest of your day.


Post Scriptum (Yes, that is what PS stands for 😁)

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Written by   89
6 months ago
Topics: Earn crypto, Crypto, Free, XTM, Torum, ...
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I have to say I struggle to keep active on Torum, the site is buggy as hell and it takes forever to be able to withdraw your XTM and then at a large fee.... I do understand the reward will be nice but that is a whole lot of motivation needed

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6 months ago

They did a good update last week, but now running into a lot bugs...I expect once those are fixed the site will be smooth.... But indeed it ain't easy to get those 500 XTM required for the initial pay out...although you can reach that number easy in a year if you join daily. But if you don't enjoy it, you should not be doing it for the XTM.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Yeah a year is a long time and I am not loving it...

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6 months ago