ThreeTuneTuesday - Flat Earth Special

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My mind has been up in the clouds looking down at the earth and trying to grasp why people think it´s flat. No, I am not joking, there are millions who actually believe that and have semi-scientific proof of it.

So what happened, well I got sucked into this whole flat earth conspiracy by just one song. I suggest watching the video with your eyes closed the first time.

The Troot - Little Mermaid

Now I didn´t even watch that video the first time as I was so happy I found the song. That song inspired a whole story which you can find below. It was not until writing the story I noticed the video btw.

The Universe is trying to tell me something - A song inspired story

The whole idea that people still or again believe the earth is flat triggered my curiosity.

So I am sure that the story will get a follow-up, but for now, let's focus on the music.

This flat earth theory has got some people very inspired

Flat Earth Coversongs--Paint it Flat--Rollin Stones--Lofi Lopez

Such a shame he pulls his own legs from beneath him by saying he doesn´t get Trigonometry and just believes what he can see. While anyone with half a brain like me knows that our eyes only see what they need to see. They were not meant to observe they were meant to survive although nowadays people think that they are meant to watch Tell Lie Vision.

So in case, you did not read my story let me share my conclusion so far with y´all.

Alright, that is enough seriousness for one day. Let´s throw in some Barenaked Ladies just for fun and to take our minds off this humongous revelation I just presented.

Barenaked Ladies - Flat Earth

Hope you enjoyed this #ThreeTuneTuesday special, hope I have converted you into believing that our earth is floating on a bucket, and see you next time.

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1 year ago
Topics: Flat Earth, Earth, Believe, Tunes, Update, ...