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Three Tunes Tuesday - You like it darker, dont you?

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5 months ago
Topics: Genre, Darkness, Problem, Journey, Fear, ...

Now I love a good challenge and I am definitely a mediocre fiction writer, so when those two came together in the Scholar&Scribe/DreemPort challenge I just had to join.

As you probably do not know I am slightly well known for my darkish stories, and I got asked if my story for this challenge would be a darkish one.

Well, you can´t let your audience down, can you? Although I am not a trick pony, I did use to be a DJ and if you get a request in, you do your best to fit it in there.

It took me probably less than an hour to come up with the framework of the story, the only thing was that it came to me while having a shower. Luckily I was able to remember most of it and write it down. So far only part one has been released but the second chapter will be published tomorrow. If you´re curious this is the first chapter.

When Light Becomes Absent

Of course, I did not join this Three Tunes Tuesday only to shill my story, I got more important stuff to share.

Don´t you think that I am giving away the three amazing gems that will accompany the three chapters of my story, I will not. What I will do is share some gems I came across that made it and some that did not make it into the story. Gems that made the journey of writing the story already invaluable.

Now I know my audience likes it darker and so do I.

First Aid Kit - You want it Darker (live 2017) Leonard Cohen cover

Indeed I killed the flame, the story I am writing is pitch black, darker than anything I have ever written. Imagine losing all the light your life ever held, not recognizing anything anymore life is being reduced to a series of unknown shapes. And the only thing you hear is your own breathing while crawling through this black soup you have been thrown into.

Once chapter one was done I needed to do my musical research. I love adding a fitting song to a story, and by doing so creating a mini soundtrack. That story with a soundtrack is kinda becoming my signature.

My Mini Soundtrack

My little trip to find the fitting songs made me come across this amazing song that fitted the first chapter so well.

In Total Darkness · Newborn Huskies

It´s dark and haunting and not like me to use a song with nop lyrics, but being trapped in the deepest darkness with hearing nothing than your own heartbeat kinda required it.

Would you believe when I said that it only had 2 views, well 4 views after I listed yo it twice and decided to use it.

Still, this was not the biggest Gem I found, unfortunately, that the Gem I did find did not fit my story hence it got its own article. As I wrote:

What the Fairy Tale Song is Filk?

That little post was my first attempt to join the #spreadthevibes challenge no challenge. It was a reply to this article...that at that time still needed to be written.

Can you still follow?

Or did I leave you in the dark?

Now that Gem I mention is this witchy song all the way from 1983.

Darkness - Julia Ecklar

Now why I think this song is the biggest gem I recently found is all in the other article. The reason that I am shilling it again is that I want it to creep into the veins of as many of you as possible.

Hence let me know if your ears are tingling and feel a little creepy....

Let me know if you enjoyed this Filk song.

Because if you did, I will be writing a whole post on Filk....but if you did not..... I will need to write multiple posts on Filk😁

Thanks for the read and hope to see you back soon.

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Written by   109
5 months ago
Topics: Genre, Darkness, Problem, Journey, Fear, ...
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