Perial, A Devilish Dilemma - Final Chapter

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Recap Chapter 11

In the previous parts, I died, visited hell, looked into the eyes of its ruler, had dinner, and walked out of that place gifted and with a megalomaniac plan.

A plan that would take me centuries, a plan to re-establish a connection that has been lost for over 2000 years.

This simple human has just challenged that simple god, in order to restore the natural balance in which mankind has no longer the feeling that they were created in his deceptive super-eminent image.

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(The plan has completely failed, yet the goal has been achieved. Fooled, cheated, abused as a plaything.

Left in the dark, while I thought I was on my way to the light.

Now the light is mine, determined by birth and handed to me on a celestial platter thanks to a bloodline. That turns me insecure about my newfound position.)

"Thus this was meant to be, you were meant to be, your task meant to be accomplished.

The earth received my last two sons. I have given mankind the choice, they have entrusted their power into your vision, his vision they have crucified.

I thought he as a martyr would win. Yet through devious ways, you managed to make his deeds forgotten. Oh yes, you certainly had help from the horned one, he had centuries to manipulate the situation.

And yet your fate now lies in my old hands. To possess the power to pulverize you and be restrained from it by the faith of a bunch of fallen monkeys is how they seal their own fate.

I can kill my last son. I can let you kill me. When you kill me the old earth dies with me, when I kill you the new one dies and with it my chance to rest.

Rest assured the choice has already been made. I have already entrenched myself with your soul and being. So that both worlds will live as one. Mine will slowly perish and so will my hold on your soul, which for now I will possess in spite of my absence. You will be part of me so that I don't have to be anymore."

I feel how tired he is and that´s what got me this job. Verily I lived from the 'devilish' convictions to breathe new life into the world. Already I know that it will also wear me out, til one day my opinion of my creation will revise.

What the future holds only I know

First, the moment will come when I will be absorbed in my creation, pamper her like a child. But this fire too shall die, then I shall loathe her. Despising her, I too will probably turn my back on her.

In the end, I will turn away from her forever, because she is the mirror of my own weaknesses. The whole beauty that I had in mind has been destroyed because in my inhuman soul there are remnants of the strongest human frailties.

Towards my end, my creation will also culminate in cruelty, possessiveness, and hunger for power.

Any extreme experiment exists only by the grace that it is infinite in all its destructive variety. Like the universe, like god, like man.

Chris Ramsey - What if God was one of us?

Dear Reader this is the not end of a never-ending tale, before I leave you please consider how limited the human mind is compared to the endless universe. Please consider that all that your eyes witness and all they are not made to see originated from the same place. In the core, everything is one (of us).

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Topics: Problem, Memory, History, Future, Vision, ...