Perial, A Devilish Dilemma - Chapter 9

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Recap Chapter 8

In the previous parts, I walked into hell, met its ruler, and walked out of that place gifted.

Once I returned to earth I was able to travel to places where very few souls ever went.

Why did I come back?

I am planning to re-establish the balance between heaven and earth. To keep those plans a secret I travel to a place called Trantica it´s the center of the origin. The only place where my thoughts are solely mine.

The plan involves an army of black nymphs and their offspring. A bloodline that should one day reach till heaven.

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(My choice for the woman that is teaching my children turns out to be very suitable. Her unwavering belief in me removes any questions. She follows every assignment, no matter how maddening, without being thrown off balance for a moment. Her trust in me gives satisfaction, a side effect of my human past. Something that bothers me more and more. For centuries I have parted from my human shell to become one with the stars. Yet deep within me I still bear traces of my origin.)

Dec 100 years later

I can call myself the proud father of hundreds of thousands of daughters and sons, raised by women with the taste of revenge forever on the tongue. They will feed the children with hatred. Hatred for the man who left them in the vast void from which they could never free themselves and who they will face until the end of their time. Thanks to the cruelty of reproduction, I live in many forms.

And in the young lives of my offspring, the day will come when they meet her, their patroness.

Xasandra, consists of blue eyes, angelic hair, and a graceful and lithe body. The daughter of the dark-haired dancer. She was nothing like her, like me, she looked like the most beautiful woman in the world before she became a woman. The ribbons in her hair sparkle and reflect the rays of sunlight that catch her hair when she hops on the sidewalk.

She stops disturbed by the shadow on the paving stones. She looks up straight into old eyes while staring in the face of a young woman. Somewhere in those eyes, she sees herself. Ghosts of the past and flashes of the future.


The woman takes her hand, baby you have looked closely, know that you will never find him. Fight for the highest place, if you want to find what your mother loathes. Then the woman puts a hand on the girl's head. And thus nurtures the dreams in which she will discover from which her mother's abhorrence springs.

The loss of something intangible fulfills the mind, body, and creates complete unity and fearlessness. Something that man has not known since paradise, the disconnection with God has been standing in its way for eternity.

The old eyes are always with her daughters. Wherever in the world they are born. My worshiper will find and fulfill them of beliefs that are the foundations of my world order.

My thoughts I keep immeasurably far from 'Him', yet now and then I fear that he will find them. All are hidden in one of the farthest reaches of my presence. I only work them on the impenetrable edges. Where the cosmos has just been born and all atoms have yet to bond, where nothing is tangible, neither are my thoughts.

Owned by thousands of sons and daughters, communicating as a Hive, striving for the same goal independently of each other. They will lead the world. The fire will burn, life is to be lived at the cost of life. The fear of death lasts too long. Many are still in the grip of this insurmountableness. They will continue to sleep, in order to die ignorantly.

My children will be seers, possessed of a vision, unconsciously striving for the highest position, but not focused on prestige. They will take possession of the nodes in the world. They will be able to provide the world with new beliefs. My name does not need to be pronounced, should not even be known. Everything not to get through to 'his' ears. Fulfilled life according to my ideals they will nourish me, develop into more than man ever expected of himself.

The Birthday Massacre - One

Chapter Ten is soon to be revealed.
This story is mine and was originally written in Dutch, I finally got around to working on the translation I hope you enjoy let me know in the comments.

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