Noise.App Mystery Solved - Where do those BCH donations come from?

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1 year ago
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There have been many people asking and wondering where those micropayments on Noise. App comes from. On NoiseCash it was nice and clear:

NoiseCashFund tipped $ 0.04 (based on @buffalo's suggestion)

But on Noise.App the origin of the donations many of us receive remains a mystery! Till Now.

Now I am taking a huge risk here by exposing this, I might get banned from anything Noise related as they have clearly tried to keep this information a mystery. So I hope Noise will respect my digging and putting 1+1 together.

Most of us on Noise.App know Simon, Simon whom I disrespectfully called a part-time dev. in the past, for which I should apologize as Simon seems to be the Founder of Noise.App.

The Founder has mentioned that Noise.App has mentioned on several occasions that Noise.App does not make any donations and its Algorithm does not send any tips.

Now of course this is a matter of perspective, but I will try to look at it from the Founders perspective. Noise.App as such does not make any donations. Simon also never mentioned that the donations come from users of the platform. This makes sense, because back in the days when tips were halted on Noise.Cash very few people paid for good content out of their own pocket.

Especially considering that plenty of users receive between 8 and 50 cents in BCH each day I am quite certain that this does not come from other Noise.App users. The payments are too frequently flowing at 10 times a day on average. The amounts are very often within the same range, and happen even if you did not post for several hours and sometimes days.

So based on the above, and on how NoiseCash used to work, and how Readcash works it is logical to assume there is an algorithm, but it´s not Noise Apps Algorithm.

So is Simon lying?

No, he is not. He has been really clear here is another example:

We I have to interpret as We = Noise.App being the Founder and stuff.

So who is making those donations?

Well, I got a lead when on the 29th of November I saw this notification on ReadCash and noticed that the little money I had received that morning was no longer showing on ReadCash.

So as always I made a post on asking if I was the only one and the helpful hand Simon told me this:

Thanks, Simon for being so helpful, a little to helpful maybe? Because "We notified the operator" implies that behind Noise.App and Read.Cash we have the same, or partially the same team. 

Simon Says

What Simon said was true, Read Cash did inform FountainHead on the 29th of November:

Now of course you wonder what this has to do with the Noise.App payments.

Well during the time Fountainhead was down, your BCH on ReadCash was not visible, no new payments were made by Rusty the rewarding robot (ReadCash Algorithm?) payments were made on Noise.App It took about 6-8 hours  If I check the normal rhythm this never happened to me except for those days mentioned in the previous screenshot;

There were indeed no payments made that day and after that day the amount of the donations dropped, hence it probably was caused by a change in the Algorithm.

So it seems that if Fountainhead is down both ReadCash and Noise.App are impacted.  Now I know this is very circumstantial evidence, but as Simon and Noise.App keep their lips shut the weirdest stories are going around. But this one is quite plausible:

Simon the Noise.App founder mentions that he is aware of a issue and that the 3rd party that might be responsible for the payments is contacted.

During the period that Read.Cash did not show my balance and did not reward me I did not receive any donations from Noise.App while normally every second or third hour there is a micropayment made. Once I saw my balance again in Read.Cash donations in Noise.App started flowing again.

It can be all coincidence!

Yes, this made a nice little conspiracy theory, but I needed a little more. So I kept digging and I found the following: mentioned in the Telegram post which took me here:

Which was kind of useless as I am working with devs, but my understanding of code is close to zero. My understanding of Google is a bit better and look what I found!

And there was something interesting there:

That guy on the right looked familiar could it be Marc De Mesel? So I clicked the picture and look where it took me.

Back to Marc´s old Noise.Cash profile? So there is at least a clear connection between Fountainhead.Cash and Noise.Cash- which was the predecessor of the Noise.App.

Marc De Messel, who has mentioned more than once that he was sponsoring Read and NoiseCash.

Now it is still circumstantial but it is a little too coincidental that a tool that is sponsored by Marc, is linked in several ways to Noise.Cash and the follow-up Noise.App.

So I can not prove without a doubt that this 3rd Party tool called FountainHead.Cash is making the donations, but with so many clear signals all pointing in the same direction I think it´s clear to say the following.

Bottom Line

Noise.App as such is not making the donations

The BCH micropayments on Noise.App are not made by the users

Logically the donations are not made by manual actions

FountainHeadCash is a tool/company that is able to make payments or at least make them visible

It´s more than likely that FountainheadCash is able to write the code for an algorithm

One of the sponsors of FountainHeadCash has previously been known to sponsor both Noise and Read.Cash.

Is that enough?

It is for me.

This is enough circumstantial Baby BS to beat any other theory out there. 

@Simon and @Marc thank you both for providing me with so many clues to turn it into a good story. And if I am right thank you for sponsoring these platforms that make a difference in the lives of many people in all corners of the world.

Thanks for the read!

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1 year ago
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Its means marc was still a part of it. I like the way u put a lot of searching and willingness to know where the come from and find an answer. I think base on the fact it was clearly show that marc was still the big pieces to have and get some bch in noise, read

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1 year ago

I think it´s very likely indeed based on what I found.

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1 year ago

While I have not been active on long enough to make any real assessment of it in any critical way—payments or otherwise—I can say that I do tip other users and suspect some of the other users also tip me.

Is anyone else randomly tipping me? Hell if I know, but I like your theory and it was interesting to read your hashing out of it. lol

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1 year ago

Thanks! I don´t say it does not happen, but based on my years of experience and also having a GF on Noise I know that users tipping each other is not very common. It happens, I have noticed that, but I also noticed in that period that I did not get an average of 10 micropayments per day even if I did not post yet that day. Still looking to prove this 100% ;)

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1 year ago

Still we are not clear that exact algorithm to make donations on

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1 year ago

What a good read. I was always curious on how things work. Thanks to you

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1 year ago

Great report. Looks like you worked it out.

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1 year ago

Well I think I indeed found some huge coincidental things coming together

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1 year ago

Thanks for this info, well detailed and you did a good digging!

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Yes I was pretty happy how it turned out

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1 year ago

You have researched well dear, glad to know that much informations from you. Actually I have not noticed any big payments in , so I am not sure yet!

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1 year ago

Noise app does not make (many) big payments, like noise it´s mainly micropayments

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1 year ago

Like one cent? Well, I think I have got that amount few times.

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1 year ago

Yes 1,2, 4 cents seems to be the most common

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1 year ago

Oh I see. Maybe I have got sometimes that amounts.

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1 year ago