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No FREE NFT´s anymore as ATOMICHUB was Stuck in "Loading Transaction" Limbo

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7 months ago

Okay this is ⚠Not financial advice⚠ ...

Just sharing with fellow NFT NOOBS what stopped me from getting more free NFTs🧐

A little context before I dive in, I just saw the light and am slowly adopting the idea that NFTs are a little more than just hype. And as I am a hoarder of everything I like. I´ve been collecting free NFTs here and there.

One of the easiest places is here of course . Just scroll till you find a free one. But also fellow Landers on TORUM have been feeding my NFT Addiction.

I even had to sell an NFT to buy more RAM, as I could no longer transfer free NFTs to my wallet without it. But to sell an NFT I first needed RAM. Oops I was stuck in a never ending loop:

No RAM, need RAM to sell a NFT to buy RAM, but I have got no RAM etc. you get the picture right?

Luckily a fellow addict shared 1 WAX with me during our NFT anonymous meeting and the same night I sold my first NFT.

Problem solved, I will now make sure there is always enough RAM in tank..... and then this happened!

Stuck in the Loading Transaction Limbo

So I tried everything that made sense:

  1. Reboot your machine.

  2. Wax in Wax out (log in / log out)

  3. Send the link to your phone and try a different device

  4. Triple check if there is enough RAM in the tank

And then it hit me....

The only thing I did not try....

What was the one thing that was the same on my mobile as on my desktop.....My favorite Brave browser. Feeling like such a noob AGAIN, but indeed as soon as I turned the Brave shields down I was able to get my next fix.

As always the fix was right in front of me.....

The weird thing is that this is something new, as Friday I was still able to get my daily dose of free NFTs using Brave with the shields up. But well I am no longer shaking, I do no longer feel sick and cold, I am ready to waste the rest of my life collecting crazy digital images that I actually own........ Why?

Because it´s fun and I it will give me something to play with when I grow up.

So if there was one other NFT Noob that was saved by reading this, my journey, stress pain, sickness withdrawal symptoms have not been for nothing.

Don´t forget to release your aggression and hit the like button on your way out!

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Written by   25
7 months ago
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