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Giving You The Bird Three Times on a Tuesday

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3 months ago

Some weeks ago I stumbled upon a little gem called Evil, not a song but a series. There are series that expose you to great music like One Tree Hill & Peaky Blinders. Evil, nah not so much.


Season 2E11 · I Is for IRS

Now I can not find the clip online, so no spoilers.
Well okay then, just a tiny bit of Spoilers. Just for those who have never seen the series before, have a taste.

If you still feel the need for watching, seasons two and three are hard to come by as it´s a Paramount+ original now. Then again, if you are a true pirate you will find the treasure at the bay.

Needless to say, I love the series, but let's keep that for another post in another community. You are here for the music I presume.

Well in that eleventh episode of season two there was this weird opening, it slightly resembles the video below... except for the fact that the level of weirdness was even weirder in Evil.

Yup Evil was giving me the Bird, Andrew Bird with Fake Palindromes.
The guy is just too much, A virtuoso violinist, singer, songwriter, composer, actor, and expert whistler.

Are you serious?
Yes, the guy is really awesome and a little weird.

But seriously, let me give you the bird once again.

It must be the lazy & slowly approaching end of summer, but this next song flows so well from my speaker into my ears these days.
Until you start listening to what he is actually saying. This is his finest work yet and boy/girl that is not a lie.

Andrew Bird - Bloodless

If I just introduced anyone to his or her new favorite artist I can die a happy boy. If not, well that just means that the taste-buds in many ears have been disintegrating because of the trash they have been exposed to.

Hopefully, you were just exposed to something that blew your freaking freckles off, and if not then this weird bird is for you.

Now with that, I made good on my promise of giving you the bird three times, and it made you enjoy this #ThreeTunesTuesday

Thanks for reading this weird ride. I will be back soon with another crazy story.

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Written by   101
3 months ago
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