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Follow Up - What coin did you make me buy in the $100 Crypto Birthday Challenge

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1 year ago

About 3 weeks ago I introduced the $100 Crypto Birthday Challenge 

This challenge I did not steal from any freaking cryptofluencer, I just made it up...but who knows it might actually exist.

The challenge is simple....people do not know what to buy you....they give you do not know what to buy you and the money will stay in your pocket and will be worth 5% less next year (inflation for those who missed it).

So this year wanted to do the smart thing... buy a $100 bag of crypto from the accumulated BD gifts.

And there were some minor rules:

I would buy the coin that gets the most comments or/and is shilled the best. Preferably a non-top-25 market cap coin so we will see some nice volatility over time.

But what coin to buy?

As I wanted it to remain a gift, I did not want to make the decision which coin to buy myself.

So I asked the help of the crypto community and boy did I get great feedback.  If I would follow the rules I would have to buy BTC as at least 10 people told me I can not go wrong with Bitcoin.

Well let me tell you, you can go wrong with Bitcoin... 

Last Christmas I bought myself some BTC and look where I am now.....

Knee deep in crypto asking the community for help regarding which Low cap Altcoin I should buy. That´s true troubling dear reader. So not buying that sh!t coin this year 😋

Sorry to all that advised me to buy BTC, you will not get a shout-out....

All others will get one and my personal feedback on their suggestions in Italic.

Publish0X feedback

Sarjaria - $GMR. It’s been around for 7-8 months now! It’s got good prospects and good developers behind the project. A gaming-based token.

Gaming tokens have good potential & a nice low Cap unfortunately it only came on one of my exchanges today....but I bought a bit and plan to buy some more...very good call 

Hermitworldwide - get into that $XTM or $OASIS

I already hold XTM and I love TORUM but right now I think XTM might be a little overpriced.... I expect it to land around 50 cents soon, which still makes TORUM an interesting place to earn XTM for free.

OASIS might indeed be a good investment, the fact that they have not dropped back to it´s October value of 0.18 cents shows strong support. Buying in case it drops a little more.

klaudiu - My bet would be on CRO for 2022

Good bet 4 sure but already had a huge run this year... I´ll pass for now.

Robrue - Try XTZ. One of my favorites

XTZ Tezos, good choice especially because of the F1 sponsoring. Large market cap.... around for many years (since 2018)... that for me is a no-go for now.

sateri - NKB looks promising

Cant find anything on ticker NKB

Scopeman - My thoughts would be XRP; I feel it will soon have its day in the sun, I think.

XRP is a gamble, if they win the lawsuit it will fly hence I took the bet already and holding some XRP hoping on a 3 to 8X after the lawsuit.

Chrokj - As in real life, I am boring. Go for ETH

Good but indeed boring choice already owning 0.1 ETH and it´s not even my fav coin

ben06x -

In my opinion here are the choices I would make:

Fundamentals: BTC or ETH

Assets that could gained attraction for mid-term/long-term: DOT, LYXe, XTZ

Assets related to metaverse: MANA, AXS, ENJ, SAND

Would be a perfect portfolio to hold during the next bull run, but still, I am looking for something a little more exotic

parad0x1crypt0x -

Citizen Finance. $CIFI Price: $248.47 Market Cap: $37.5m Circulating Supply: 150,856 Max Supply: 500,000

I just picked a random coin on Coinmarketcap lol but BUY IT it’s on PancakeSwap (CIFI/WBNB)

Sounds like a great coin, but not available on my 3 exchanges :(

LostBoyz - Try NANO man ^^

Nano, Great coin but it never really did a lot a lucky 9X is the best it´s ever done. So way too safe for this challenge.

TORUM Feedback

ETH & ADA holding both and mainly ADA has been a bit disappointing lately especially with the new bug found in the dap feature.

NoiseCahs Feedback


I would suggest you to buy HONK, TANGO, or CLY tokens. You'll definitely get benefits from those.

OMG 3 coins I hardly know- Lucky me...none of them were on my exchanges so I did not have to DYOR  


Firstly, consider a coin that is below $1 so as to get a high ROI after the one year must have gone. That's what I do and I have fallen in love with that concept. You can check for CORGIB, NABOX, LTO, ROSE. They might do some wonders in that one year. DYOR.  

Okay LTO and Rose are available and both seem interesting. ROSE just rose a lot and reached a 900 dollar cap. LTO did a little less crazy jump and has only an 83 million market Cap. Hmmm sounds interesting....tell me more.


I'm old and boring, so I'd do this: 40% BTC 10% BCH 10% LTC 10% DASH 10% -SOL 10% ADA 10% ATOM

You might be Old you Bastard, and therefore a bit more conservative but this is a portfolio that´s stable and headed for a profit.... but being a baby myself I want one coin...with a bit more risk.  


Buy the ConstitutionDAO token PEOPLE - it’s crypto history MEME coin. Sure to have a big pump at some point.

For a quick profit, this is the one I should have bought did a 5X since my birthday, but the meme part makes it a risk for holding it a year.  


I'm young and a sharpshooter when it comes to hoddling and dumping. Here's my plan, it will pay off trust me! 40% SHIB 30% UFO 10% BCH 10% BTC 10% SOL Hope this portfolio will give you profitability.

Well first of all I asked for one coin, as I don't want to split a $100 but 40% SHIB already made me go into no-no mode. But you made up for it with UFO which just became available today on KUCOIN, I will buy some during the next dip. Low cap gaming coins seem to have a future. Well, those 10%s ... safe but SOL would be my only interest.  


I would probably suggest Shiba Inu because of its rapid pace of growth so you may acquire some handful of amount on your next Birthday. So that you may share $100 gift with others for their day.

SHIB I was asked my opinion on SHIB earlier today.

Meme coins should not be seen as a secure investment into a longtime solid project. And even with the current plans for the SHIB future, they are trying to give a meme coin a use case.   A coin or token should have a use case first .... prior to even releasing the coin/token to make it a possible (depends on the use case) worthwhile investment. A meme coin is like a pyramid game, if you are early and lucky you make lots of money...if you are have an expensive bag of shit coins and you paid for the profit of others. Don't kill me for being honest SHIB army.  


This looks good

Well based on the monthly chart this one is a bit to risky if you ask me.  

Bottom Line

Hoping we reached the bottom of this Dipmas season because I can tell you my $100 is down 27% since I bought and currently holding at $73. I bought in on my Bday for 0.47 cents per coin...a week before it was 54 cents and now sits at 34 cents. Hence I still have high hopes for this Low Cap Altcoin.

What is LTO?

LTO Network has established itself as Europe’s leading blockchain due to strong real-world usage. It was founded on B2B enterprise solutions such as data & document verification and authentication. With the recent COBALT mainnet update, this solid base is expanded with the addition of NFT2.0 technology and Decentralized Identifiers as the first stages of fulfilling the vision of becoming a world-leading layer-1 blockchain.

By utilizing its hybrid (2-layer) approach, LTO Network is natively GDPR compliant. This ensures easy compliance for companies around the world with ever-increasing privacy laws. LTO Network enables developers and businesses to build Privacy-Aware Decentralized Apps (PADA) and offers many unique opportunities for projects to explore.

Immediate plans for LTO Network include NFT2.0, decentralized identities/verifiable credentials driving KYC, expansions on already established projects, and much more. Keep an eye out for LTO’s new roadmap later this year.

An 83 million market cap, GPDR compliance, and Defi indeed make it a unique coin with covering a niche I have hardly heard about till now. This coin has everything.

No meme, good use case, clear future roadmap, very low cap, less than a dollar per coin and not doing a 10X lately and available on KUCOIN.

@Stocker thanks for this tip...let´s see if it will be THE gift that keeps giving.

I will keep you all updated on this challenge and let´s see if this bag will make my next Bday a very happy one.

Be kind to an and other and to the like 👍 button, so hit it....but hit it gently and have a lovely day-


Post Scriptum:


Platforms where I Earn Crypto for my Content (Affiliate Links):

Torum -

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BitVavo Exchange- European. Higher trading fees (0.25 %) & Great Customer Service -

Kucoin Exchange - Hong Kong. Okay, trading fees (0.1 %) & Contains a lot of low cap gems. Customer Service takes time -

Bitmart - Global (USA allowed) Low, trading fees if you use BMX (0.025 %) & Contains a wide variety of coins -


Places where I do Liquidity Mining and Staking  

Cake DeFi.  Here you have to invest $50 dollar and you get 30 dollars for free. You can withdraw your 50 dollars at any time or use them for Liquidity Mining, Staking, or lending to earn more DFI rewards. The 30 dollars is locked for 6 months but earning you interest of the 6 months. 

Celsius. Celsius Network provides a platform of curated services with fair interest, zero fees, and lightning-quick transactions. You can store your crypto and get rewards or lend crypto with low fees. Celsius has been around since 2017 and stated to always have the best interest of the community in mind. My experience so far has been good although I will not stake all my crypto with them...NYKNYC

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Written by   109
1 year ago
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Sorry it may not be late but I will suggest bagging yourself enough AWC token and staking it will give you upto 23%APY while wait for bullrun. More info concerning it's staking -

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Nice topic and lot to read good

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Keep us up to date about how your birthday present is getting on!

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