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"Crypto Blogs R´Us" Fakebook Group

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3 months ago

NOTE: I am No fan of Fakebook, I honestly think it´s a horrible platform where people voice opinions that show we are truly related to primates. Having said that, it´s a necessary evil that I use to keep track of my friends in my home country.

Now in the past, I used it a lot to spread my articles. This was prior to me focusing more on the crypto-verse and crypto-related articles. It often worked out very well for me generating many additional views.

Diving into the crypto niche the groups I used to post in are no longer in line with what I am writing about. So I started looking into if there were any appropriate groups, just to see if I can generate some additional traffic.

Now I found that there is a readcash group but it only has 312 members & there is a Publish0X group with 150 members. These are really low numbers, I own many groups that are a lot bigger. On the other hand, this proves my theory that people on these platforms (and especially people writing about crypto) do not give a fluf about Fakebook.

Still, I think this evil platform can be used to our advantage. Because when looking for interesting crypto groups I found very few groups where you can share your crypto articles, blogs, vlogs, and vids.

So I created a draft for this group and did not do anything with it so far.


Because I doubt if anybody is truly interested in a group like that. Based on the fact that the platform-related groups have such a small following I truly wonder if crypto content creators are interested in having a Fakebook group to share their content and attract a wider audience than just the platform they are on?

In my baby mind it would make a great place even if it´s on Facebook....therefore I went ahead and created something:

Crypto Blogs R´Us

But it can be anything like:

Crypto Content R´Us

Anything really.

Also, the Picture is just a cute placeholder for now

So let me know if you have a good catchy title and also I would like to know if anybody would be even interested in posting their content in this group.

So feel free to drop your comments and say it´s a horrible idea and you would not even want to see your mouse hovering over something made by Meta.

Thanks for the read, feel free to hit the like button and stay tuned for more of my rambles.

Post Scriptum:

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I do not have any connection with any company I am writing about. I am not being paid to write this article.

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Written by   89
3 months ago
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