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BitcoinBaby Day 24- "Diary of a Serial Trader"

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2 months ago

It´s been a while since I wrote my last true BitcoinBaby blog. I did not stop writing but the semi bear market just put me in hibernation I guess.

I made a nice little bit by buying and selling Free NFTs and writing down the how-to. Also made some crypto Noising around and during the first part of the bearish period we went through all that Crypto went to one place Kucoin.

It´s funny to see how I am trading more and more on Kucoin and less on the exchange I started on which was Bitmart.

Kucoins interface just looks better and feels easier to navigate, secondly I love the fact that I own a couple of cents each day for holding more than KCS.

Not saying Kucoin is better, it´s probably not but it seems I slowly moved from one exchange to the other.

I started on Bitmart taking a friend's advice and I added a few funds end at the peak of the last bull run I 10X that.

The crash did not do me much good but I am still on 4.5X on Bitmart. But a serious part of the funds are invested in ADA of which I buy and sell little bits when the market is good(to buy back on the dip) but most of it I hodl.

There is a small part left in trading coins like Tfuel and MATIC and a part in some low cap coins that I expect to do very well in the next bull run whenever that may be. Those I do no trade but I keep adding on little bits when I have some profits.

The funny thing about Kucoin is that it´s currently holding almost as much as Bitmart approx $900 but that it all comes from crypto I have been earning on several platforms.
I have sent it to Kucoin during the crash and started trading with it. Always trying to trad projects with a good use case, so not too many risks and making good use of the volatility.

So right now Kucoin is doing better because it has a steadier trading portfolio. What I wonder is what will happen during the next bull run. Will my investment in small-cap gems beat my steady project trading on Kucoin.......?
I will keep you all posted of course😉.

And it's way too early to call this an altszn already, but I am seeing the first signs. Lower market cap gems doing 40-100% overnight is a good sign that seasons are changing (CSPR & POLK in my portfolio).

It's so nice to see my CSPR at,100%😁

No, it's not 🤣🚫

It's a good get back 🔙 to the 0.65 cents I bought them at... During the last 🐂 shit run.
But only 500% more to make my profit on this let's get cracking with that 2nd 🐂 run.

For traders or baby traders like me, these are bull runs are tricky times, as I normally sell when I make between 5-10% profit.

When I hit 5% I start selling off bits on the way up.

Now in the last altszn I sold, made good profit, and bought other coins that also would everything will go up even 💩 coins.

What I plan to do differently this time is that I have invested in some coins that I expect to 10-50X. Those I will hold on to. While trading the more conservative coins on the way up.

Meanwhile putting some profit in stable coins because every season has a start and an end 🔚. This last part I definitely did not do during the first part of the 2021 bull run.

Bull Runs are just tricky, they play with your mind. Everything goes up....until everything crashes down and that down.....goes really fast.

Another thing I noticed last see some tokens shooting up but never the ones you are holding.
Then they move up 10% and you go yes.....selling time...then they move up another 70% and you go (another word for intercourse).

Almost every coin gets its pump the question is when?

Now just for those curious cats that wonder what those low cap gems are I am invested in.

I have been accumulating HOD Hodooi and UMB Umbrella when low and my profits allowed me to. Those are the ones where I hope to so see my strategy play out if not well I can not lose as I did on CSPR.

Although I still think CSPR will do okay during the next run, my buy-in price was just wrong so making good profit will be hard. But seeing that 100% 24hrs jump was nice.

Of course, I made my first mistake already. I had one more low cap gem I invested in POLK (Polkamarket) bought around 0.22 and well I traded it on the way up....all the way to 0.38 cents. Which indeed gave me a 33% profit margin. But as this was just before I noticed the smell of Altszn was in the air I did not stretch my sell-off positions far enough.
Still, I think they can do very well and will buy some back on the next dip early next week.

Well it´s nice to be back, hope you liked my little update. If so please make sure to gently hit that like button. And have a lovely rest of your day.


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Written by   21
2 months ago
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