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BitCoin Baby - Day 1 "Welcome to Crypto"

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10 months ago

Is it a plain, Is it a Hoax, Is it a Bubble...... No it´s super Bitcoin......

Bitcoin has been rocketing these last couple of months, passing $25K over Christmas 2020 & 40K in January.

And you know what.... I have this friend...... He has been telling me for months to put on my space suite and hitch a ride on the Crypt rocket. But I was to busy working a day job to safely pay the bills 😒

So now I ask myself......

Why didn´t I listen? Why did I wait? Am I to late now? Did I screw up, did I loose a golden opportunity?

Hell No!

I just could not start my 2021 Space Odyssey before, as Rule #1 is : Do not invest what you haven´t got and I did not have a dime to spare until this Christmas.

So Now what?

What should I do knowing that everything that goes up (rapidly) must come down (rapidly)? I had many doubts, but if you look at the BTC history it´s been growing over time.

So partially against my better judgement I boarded the rocket right after Christmas. Even though the other part of me rather waits till the next halving or crash of this BTC Rocket. But my faith or FOMO is stronger and sure this will not happen in the next year (as it happens every 2/3 years and the last halving was May 2020).

My First Baby Steps

So I got a Christmas gift and turned it into BTC´s, well part of a BTC to be correct, but still I took the first steps.

I also got my first scare as I needed to pay $9.00 to move it from Bitvavo (where I bought it based on the friends advice) to my Coinomi Wallet.

Why did I move it, because the second rule I learned was :

Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

When I told my friend about the $9.00 fee I had to pay to move My Coins into My Wallet under my lock and Keys he laughed and said: "Welcome to Crypto!"

Well I feel cheated already 😩

But there is also some good news I made $74.00 .........

Or at least for now. Until the next burst of my crypto bubble when I will pay another $9.00 to turn my BTC in old school money (if there is anything left by then & if I still care about old school money by then).

But for now I entered the rocket and I will watch it reach for the Moon or Crash and Burn like Elon Musk´s rocket.

I´ll be back
Well I hope to be back if  I do not loose it all before my next post.

By sharing my experiences I hope other noobs will not have to make the same mistakes I did. I am learning it the hard-way, so you don´t have to.

And for all others, just have a laugh and remember how life was when you took your first baby step into the Crypto Universe


Next Time Gadget Next Time

Next time I will try to explain why I jumped on the BTC-rocket and soon I will also go into my first trading experiences.

Hope many of you will follow my baby steps on what seems to be a never ending journey throughout the Crypto Universe.

Thanks for the read and hope you laugh and learn with me while on a Crypto Trip.

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Written by   25
10 months ago
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