Big CAKE DFI referral bonuses Mystery and more

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2 years ago
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As some of you might know I have been using CAKE DFI for a pretty long time now, and honestly, I am more than happy with this project.

Now I have been receiving referral bonuses for a year, but not as big as the last 2

You received a sign-up bonus.

You just received a sign-up bonus through one of your referrals. The bonus of 10.15287513 DFI is frozen for the next 6 months and is already working for you. Currently, you get paid 46.2% APY.

Now I have received 32 sign-up bonuses over the last year, the first one being:

The bonus of 8.21917808 DFI is frozen for the next 180 days and is already working for you. Currently, you get paid 98.4% APY.

Bur that 8 DFI was my $30 sign-up bonus.

What I did notice is the API dropping over time, which I guess is normal when a project is stabilizing. But still, it´s a good return on investment. But that is not what today´s story is about.

Today is about those last 2 referral bonuses I got that were over 10 DFI meaning over $40 dollars each??

During that first year of using CAKE, there were some interesting short-term referral actions where you could double your reward for each referral. The normal reward is $10, so that´s about 2.4 DFI which is what I received in general.

But not these last 2 which I received in April and February. Now looking at my referral list, I don´t have a clue where these are coming from.

April would have been late but possible from the sign-up on the 11th of March, but the February bonus would be very late if it relates to the December sign-up.

But in any case, people might have signed up in the past and were waiting till the market sentiment changed to make their deposit.

So I will do the frozen thing again and let this go and focus on the biggest Mystery:

Where did that 10 DFI bonus come from?

Of course, I am not complaining but I went through all my emails and I can not find any email that promises a 10DFI or 40-45 dollar bonus for bringing on a new user?

So if anyone has a clue what I overlooked, or is receiving the same huge bonuses drop me a note as I can´t stand not understanding.

And as you are here anyway, let me give you a quick recap on my first year of CAKE.

Cake Recap

So I deposited my initial deposit (which should be over 50 dollars) to get the $30 sign-up bonus in April. At that time using their calculator it looked like locking up that bonus for 10 years would turn it into 50K. So I wrote a little piece on that:

Can I really turn my $30 CAKE DEFI sign-up bonus into $50K by staking...

Now of course I had some doubts but hey what is $50 during last year's bull run? But after more research and some feedback on the article, I got cold feet and took out my $50 investment in May. Still, CAKE allowed me to keep the sign-up bonus that I locked for 10 years. So I had nothing left to lose. More on that in this article:

Follow Up: Was this Realistic? - Turning my $30 CAKE DEFI sign-up bonu...

Now over the course of this year I have been hearing a lot of things about Cake, but except for the people initially claiming that it´s a scam. Over time the boys that cried scam grew silent or started stating that we were lucky because we were early, I did not hear a lot of negativity.

And that has been my experience as well. I have withdrawn my initial $70 investment after a month and I was allowed to keep my Sign-up bonus- Great.

I have made over 20 withdrawals since to my Kucoin wallet with no issues- Great

Withdrawal fees have always been 0.2 CAKE which is 80 cents which is fair and did not change - Great

I get weekly and monthly updates on my investment that are clear and concise - Great

The total value of my withdrawals was about $400 at the current DFI value and my current holdings are about $400. My referrals provided me with about $500, my own investment was $70 so the APY after a year was $330 - Really Really Great.

If the APY remains this juicy and I would not withdraw any funds it would at up to 30K in 10 years....which is not the 50K I planned to make from my referral bonus....but still is a lot of CAKE...or dollars whatever you prefer....

Bon appetite enjoy your CAKE or not 😋.

If this article made you hungry and you want some CAKE as well here´s my referral code which should give you an additional $10 dollars (30 instead of 20) bonus:

Keep in mind that CAKE does require a KYC.

Have a great day and you can use your sticky Cake hand to hit that like button.

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2 years ago
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2 years ago

I really like cake DFI! It's made me quite a lot of profit actually

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2 years ago

Same here it looked a bit Shady when I deep dived, but I did very well over the last year. But I guess you ve read that already ;)

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2 years ago