A song just for me! - A song-inspired story

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8 months ago

Okay, sometimes you feel that a song is just for you, right? If not you need to listen to another artist because you clearly do not expose yourself to the right songs.

Now sometimes it takes a listen, or two or three.....
But not with this guy...
he had me at the opening sentence:

I sure do miss them drugs,
And not giving the slightest fuck,

But just like in the song it would have probably killed me. Although as some of you know I got away pretty well from that life.

And I miss the independence
Of being high as fuck and friendless,

Not sure if I ever truly was friendless, but the independence of not being responsible for anything but me. Allowed me to be as irresponsible as possible and damn I do miss that, just as I miss:

.......leaving every morning
Without words and without warning,

So many nights spent with someone I just met, someone that looked so hot in the dim light of the moon. Someone I did not care to see in the screaming light of the morning sun.

Light 'em up, get up, get out, get breakfast somewhere. That has not happened for so long....

But if I would still be living like that:

That would surely kill me.

And I went to the edge and did my little dance there. I danced with the devil, I danced with angels. I gave in to the fact that I am not invincible.

That there is more to life than loneliness and independence..... I do miss those days but you can't stay awake forever.
At a certain point, you wake up and smell the coffee. That is when you make the choice to wake up....or stay awake forever.

This is that song, that´s me:

Frank Turner // Untainted Love // Official Audio

I woke up and went for a little life like Frank.
We woke up grown-ups.
Maybe a little life is all that we need......

Frank Turner // Little Life // Official Audio

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8 months ago


I like song-embedded articles more than banal/dry dairy posts.

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8 months ago

Me to, I love to incorporate music in my posts or write about music

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8 months ago