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Rigor mortis

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6 months ago

Is it possible for a dead person to wake up after death, to move suddenly? What is the reason for this? For the following three reasons, it is not possible that a dead person has come to life or that a doctor has mistakenly declared him dead. 1. Rigor mortis Stiffening of the body after death. It is a normal occurrence as a result of biochemical changes in the body of the deceased 1-2 hours after death. Major muscle groups such as the arms or legs may be flexed at this time. 2. Cadaveric spasm 1-2 hours after death, the whole body of the corpse was mutilated. 3. Lazarus syndrome After being pronounced dead, the patient's eyes met, looking up, sitting up, moving his arms and legs, and even walking. So far there are 39 such instances in the world. The 39th incident took place in neighboring India. One of these events and the dead man is not alive. Due to such incidents, people are attacking and vandalizing doctors and hospitals due to ignorance. Detailed propaganda is needed through electronic media, print media and social media to get rid of misunderstandings and get rid of them. Professor Dr. Jayabrat Das. (The latest incident happened in Patiya a few days ago!)

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