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❓ Why Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients are not allowed to drink too much water স্থ Protein can never be excreted through the kidneys of healthy people. Because proteins (albumin) are negatively charged, and the Basement Membrane and Negatively Charged of the kidneys, this causes them to repel and the protein cannot come out. But as the kidneys are damaged in CKD, the repulsive force does not work anymore. Which we call Proteinuria. ✅ Now protein (albumin) controls the colloidal osmotic pressure of our body. If the protein is reduced, then the colloidal osmotic pressure will also be reduced. As a result, water will come out of the cell and accumulate in the interstitial space - which we call Oedema. Consequences - Heart Failure ➡️Pulmonary Oedema etc. 🟢 What could have happened! But what has water got to do with it? - In fact, when proteinuria develops, the protein concentration in the body is already low. Drinking more water means increasing the amount of body fluid and reducing protein concentration. And the more water, the more urination. The more you urinate, the more protein is excreted, and the more you accelerate the edema. Therefore, it is recommended that CKD patients drink a certain amount of water. 🔴 Why CKD patients develop anemia again ✅ Because, damaged kidney of CKD patient reduces Erythropoietin production. Erythropoietin stimulates RBC production in Red Bone Marrow. Lack of erythropoietin also reduces RBC production in Red Bone Marrow. The result - anemia Ref: Lecture notes & ABC of Medical Biochemistry Mistakes are forgivable.

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