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August 21,2004

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How vivid is this picture! Politics was supposed to be as lively as the picture. But the illusion of power created inside and outside politics is never good for the country. After the liberation war of 1971, when Ziaur Rahman was unable to take Begum Zia to his house on the pretext of Birangana, Begum Zia took refuge in Bangabandhu. Bangabandhu told Ziaur Rahman if you do not take Khaleda back home; So what will happen to my three lakh mothers and sisters who have lost their hard work? They too will be made homeless by their husbands on the same pretext. The matter was resolved and Begum Zia returned home. Then we saw August 15 of '75. The most scandalous chapter in the history of Bengal was written that day. It is known who was involved in the incident. Two of Bangabandhu's successors survived, one Sheikh Hasina and one Sheikh Rehana. Sheikh Hasina came back to the country with a broken heart, to fulfill her father's unfinished work. The struggle and the recent politics began. Strong opposition is the controller of democracy; This picture is his manifestation. This is the picture of Tareq Zia's wedding reception. Sheikh Hasina blessed Tareq Zia that day and said 'you are like my son'. I wish you all the best. What greater blessing could there be for a mother's son? But this Tareq Zia is the mastermind behind the assassination of Sheikh Hasina on 21st August! What a tragedy! Safiqur Rahman was a lecturer at Dhaka University during the coalition government. He was expelled by the university for calling Khaleda Zia a heroine. He had a book 'Sher-e-Bangla to Bangabandhu'. One of the quotes in the book was 'Bengal's history is as heroic as it is treacherous' Tareq Zia reflected the quote through this film on August 21, 2004!

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