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In 1984, he had a salary of Rs Job, Professor at Cambridge University, Do you understand the level of honor? He left this job and came to this country. Joined Chittagong University, Only three and a half thousand rupees in the job. Can you think? If you or I have this tempting opportunity Could I miss it? The question of why he came back In response, he said, I love my country, that's why I came here. I love my country, I am here I didn't come to take it, I came to give. ' Have you heard the name of Stephen Hawking? The most famous in the world today Scientist. On whose character Made movie theory of Everything has responded to the whole world. This The man was Stephen in his student life Hawking's friend and roommate. Level Do you understand? University of Cambridge in 1983 Ultimate Fate released from the press Of the Universe. The whole world Rathi was able to bring the vision of the greats to one side with a book. Based on his research A new chapter in physics begins. He frankly acknowledged his contribution Nobel laureate scientist Weinberg. "We are particularly indebted to Jamal Islam, a physicist colleague now living in Bangladesh," he said. For an early draft of his 1977 paper which started us thinking about the remote future ” Can you think? What a large man he was He? Nobel laureate scientist Abdus Salam Said, mine in Asia If the second person later Nobel Receives the award, but he will be Professor Jamal Nazrul Islam ' Today is the death anniversary of this man. There is no Remember, there is no discussion on his work. We can. That nation respects the wise Don't know how to give, that nation will be wiped out very quickly. Oh yes, this man is the first but 1971 In a letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he asked Pakistan to take steps to stop the invasion of Bangladesh. You'll be fine, sir, if you can I'm sorry.

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