To the Person Who brought me in this World

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Hi,to the person who brought me in this world.This article may served as an open letter for you .

I may not always tell you the words,I love you,oh yes,i couldn't remember when did I told you so.But deep inside my heart I know that I do love you so.

I am thankful for all the things you have given me.For the love and care you showed me.For sharing me all the knowledge you know in this world.For letting me feel safe all the time.For nursing me when I am sick knowing I was "sakitin"(sickly)when i was little.I am also thankful for all the sermon when i was younger and even now that I am older even if you are such a "madiwara"(wordly)haha.It served me a lot of lesson .For being my mentor and teacher,"salamat ma".

When I was young I didn't understand all the sacrifices you made for our family but as I grew older I realized this mean a lot for us .You chose to go and worked overseas to give us more.You went there not for your own good but to support us ,for us to finished school.Leaving us to work abroad is also hard for you.I know you are having a hard time there.You wake up everyday to take care of someone child.Cooking their meal,washing their clothes,fetching them from school and may be even playing with them.I know you have to do this because it is part of your job and you cannot deny the fact that you missed doing this things to us ,your own child/children.We also missed you doing this things to us but we understand and I feel sorry we cannot do anything to help you or we did not do anything to help you rather.Sorry for that.

Sorry for all the times I disappointed you ma.If I fail to do the things you wanted me to do so.For the chances I wasted.Sorry if I gave you hard time .Sorry if you felt I never valued your sacrifices.For all the bad things and hateful words I said to you I did not mean to do so.I was only hurt and angry that time.I did not mean to hurt you .

Though I have my own family now,I will never get tired of thanking you for the sacrifices you have done and always do to me .I will be always grateful for it.I am lucky to be you daughter always,because though you are far away from me you never fail to let me feel the love and comfort. It was then I realized how hard to be far apart with your mother.I wanted you to know how I'd love to see you the soonest.How I wished we'd be all together again because I will always need you as my mama.So excited you to meet my little bundle of joy.I hope you will also be able to share to him the things you shared to me when I was little then.Please show him all the good things you have shown me too.And loved him the way you love me so.

I am proud to have a mama like you.You are stronger than other.Working abroad is not easy,you are far away from your loved ones and you are also longing to see them.I am blessed to have a loving, caring and understanding mother like you.

I always pray to our loving Father to bless you always.That he will always guide and help you as you do your duties and work.To protect you from any kind of harmful things and to keep you away from any kind of illness.I pray that he will bless you good health and longer life so that we will be able to be together again.And if that day comes we promise that we will ake care of you.We may not be able to give you all back in return but we will always be there for you.

I am thankful for the life you gave me.Thanks God ,he gave me the best mom ever.We can never choose who will be our parent but I will always choose to have you as my mama even in my next life and over again.I know and maybe you know I am not a showy type of person but then I always want you to know I love you so much and I missed you a lot.

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Salamat sis.same din sa inyo ng mama mo.

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1 year ago

Keep safe sa mama mo sis,nakakaiyak naman i miss mama tuloy,nasa province kasi sila

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1 year ago