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Recalling the past of mine makes me happy and at the same time it makes me feel bad and sad.I have lots of memories way back then particularly during my childhood.But there is one sweet memory that I will never forget through the years of my life.It was the memory of my late grandmother.

We called our grandmother,my mother's mom as "Mamang".She was loving and caring to all especially to us,her grandchildren.She was industrious that she wakes up early in the morning just to sweep our backyard,cook meal for breakfast.I can say she was a strong woman because she can even axed wood that serves as firewoods.She became widow early because my grandfather died because of a disease,I never even met him nor even see him in any picture or photo.

When my parents decided to settle for good in our province we live together with my grandmother in one roof.That is why I became close to her.I was with her when I was little.We slept together in one bed.She accompanied me to school when I enter for prep and kinder.It was a quite long walking distance from home .I still remember the that one time I got lost .Mamang told me to wait for her after my class because she will be fetching me from shool but then our class ended early .I saw my classmates walking and running as they went home that is why I decided to go home alone.I was nervous because I cannot remember the way back but still I continue walking because I don't want to be left alone outside the room.On my way I saw someone familiar to me riding on a bicycle and followed him patiently but then I lost him on the way.As I continue walking I realized I was lost.Luckily an aunt of mine(my mother's cousin)saw me and ask me where am I going.And then I told her I am walking home but then I lost my way.She quickly asked her elder daughter to walk me home.And it was then i got home safe and sound and I told my grandmother what happened to me immediately.It was so funny back then that I insisted and convince my self to get home even if I cannot remember my way back home.

It was my also my grandmother who taught me how to read and write.She patiently taught me my assignment too when my mother is busy.I learned how to read English words when I was in my kinder school.When I was in my elementary days she was still the one who taught me and help to review and memorized my notes for examination days.She even taught me of one technique for me not to forgot what I had reviewed.She told me that when i am finished reviewing my lesson I must put my notebook ,book ory notes that I have read under my pillows and then she tapped my forehead saying her magic words.And then I went to sleep.It was funny that her trick worked.And that became my secret too growing.Not for bragging but I was a consistent honor student way back then.

Mamang also loved to cook vegetables which became my favorites too.And during some time of ours she tell some stories about her experience during the japanese era and conquest.It became so interesting to me that I always ask her to tell the story over and over again .I also love to hear her singing the national anthem in full english version .And that is why I memorized it so fast.At night before we sleep she gave me some riddle for me to answer in the morning but then I always teased her to say the answer immediately.

My siblings and even my cousins always told me that I was my Mamang's favorite grandchild because she always sleep beside me and she gave me everything i asked her as long as she have it and she can do it.

A year after my graduation in high school my Mamang died,it became one of the saddest part of my life because she died without me by her side.She died at the age of 80 because of sickness.It made me so sad that I can not even speak and finish my talked about her during funeral day because I heavily cried.

And as I write this article about her I realized I did not only lost my Mamang but then I lost my teacher ,friend and my love.In loving memory of my beloved Mamang.I hope you still keep watching over us .We miss you a lot.

Hope my readers can relate with my story and memory avout my grandmother.You can share yours too .You can just write comment below or you can also write your own article for you to share it with us too.

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