Seeing Interest in Reading Print Newspapers Amid the Convergence of Print Newspapers to Online Media

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The development of technology towards digital is currently increasingly rapid, it can be seen from the many new discoveries about technology. In today's digital era, society in general has adopted a new lifestyle which cannot be separated from a tool called electronics.

Burhan Bungin said that the existence of the internet that developed recently not only made technology capable of transmitting various information, but was able to create a new world in the reality of human life, namely a materialistic reality created in cyberspace.

Seeing the current phenomenon, today's newspapers are rarely read, where newspapers have begun to be abandoned due to the development of information technology. The old media finally began to be abandoned, especially print media such as newspapers and magazines. To be able to continue to compete as a source of mass information, the print media also innovates through convergence.

Media that has converged not only affects the development of technology, but also affects the magnitude of political economy interests in the application of convergence. This poses a serious problem considering that media and technology have now become basic needs of modern society.

Looking at the trend of newspaper readers above, the secret of why newspaper circulation in this decade is stagnant and tends to decline sharply. The pattern of media consumption is a reason other than economic factors. However, when viewed from the circulation of print media, the decline in the circulation of print media is not reflected.

Seeing the current phenomenon, the convergence of print media to online media has brought many changes. There are several reasons in the author's analysis why in the next few years print media will lose interest in reading:

  • The current generation are people who want information quickly and instantly. If you need anything, just go to the internet, what we are looking for is already answered. Information in online media is easier to get quickly anywhere and anytime. Even people will pay dearly just to get one piece of information.

  • Many people think paper will have an impact on the environment. With such an assumption people will glorify the goal to care more about nature.

  • The current generation of readers is not content to just read the sentences in the newspaper. Online media is more interesting, apart from having interesting photos or pictures, sometimes online media also includes information conveyed through video.

  • The rapid development of digital newspapers. Newspaper readers in meeting their need for information use newspapers in digital form which can be accessed more easily by the public through the internet by using various electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computers and the like. Because what people are looking for and want is more fulfilled by digital media itself or newspapers in this digital form. With just a few clicks, what people are looking for will immediately appear and information that reaches all corners of the world and is not limited.

As explained above, it is possible that there are still many people who want to read newspapers or print media, although today's newspaper enthusiasts can be said to be few. But perhaps in our minds, why do people still read newspapers? although almost anything can be found in online media. To answer this, the writer makes observations and collects various references on why people still enjoy reading newspapers:

  • Reading newspapers can be saved and read as many times as desired. Newspapers can of course be saved and can be read back at different times if you want to read them. We can even use the newspaper as a reference that one day we can re-read for both academic and non-academic purposes.

  • The language used is standard and polite, in other words it must be in accordance with the Enhanced Spelling (EYD). In addition, the language used is also easy for readers to understand (easy reading). The newspaper reviews clearly, clearly and coherently in 1 time and is complete.

  • The printed newspaper is much more satisfying than accessing the digital version. Newspapers can quench the thirst of their readers to get a deeper understanding. Even television and online media do not often provide this advantage. "Print content is certainly much more complete and the presentation is complete, multi-angle".

  • Newspapers also have a depth of information that is difficult to find in other mass media and is managed professionally. The information provided by the newspaper can always be taken into account because its production goes through the process of news projection, finding and writing news, budgeting meetings, news delivery, editing, layout and design, page inspection, sending pages to printing, newspaper printing, newspaper preparation and distribution to readers.

  • The activities or efforts we do while reading and turning the pages of the newspaper will become a special memory in our minds and will become a kind of marker and make it easier for us to remember the various things we get in reading.

  • More 'friendly' eyes, too much exposure to blue light from gadgets or cellphones to the eyes every day. But by reading the newspaper, we can read entertainment or science from the newspaper and take a break from the blue light.

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