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Why it is important that you and your family needs Health Insurance

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8 months ago

Let’s be honest, no one really wants to visit a hospital unless, of course, they either work there or have a visiting hospital worker friend. Also, many are afraid of hospital visits not only because of the characteristically uninteresting atmosphere, but also because of the huge sums they have to pay for various health services. And in a country where barely 3% of citizens are covered by public or private health insurance, it is appropriate for more individuals to isolate themselves and their families with an affordable health insurance plan.

Health insurance is an agreement by which an insurance company approaches the assumption of medical expenses in cases where the insured person, family or organization falls ill or experiences an accident leading to hospitalization. Simply put, health insurance is a three-way relationship with insurance companies in agreement with hospitals (service providers) to provide cashless treatment to policyholders.

The importance of health insurance cannot be stretched too much. Rising health care costs - especially in the private sector - point to the need for more affordable healthcare, given how a severe hospitalization event can drill a hole in your pocket and lead to outrageous debts. Sometimes the detrimental effects of a lack of health insurance can be more pronounced when a bread winner of a family is hospitalized.

There are many types of health plans: namely family health insurance, maternal health insurance, travel health insurance, coverage of critical illnesses, health insurance for the elderly, and so on.

Choosing the right insurance policy or provider can be difficult, as insurance companies mostly present similar plans. But there is a hack around that. Before buying a health plan, make sure you pay attention to important aspects such as:

  • Minimum entry age

  • Room rental restriction

  • Inclusions and exclusions

  • Amount guaranteed

  • Advantages of added value and;

  • Network of hospitals

An ideal health insurance policy would cover, among other things, the cost of medical expenses, the cost of an ambulance, the cost of medical examinations, preventive services, the cost of hospitalization and even the cost of recovery from outpatient treatment.

Imagine working hard day and night just to cover all your earnings for expensive medical care? Although there are several ways to live a healthy life and prevent disease, it is also necessary to isolate oneself from the consequences of health costs due to other forms of bodily harm, such as road accidents, occupational hazards and other environmental accidents.

Now that you know how important and beneficial a reliable insurance policy is, do the necessary and start it today if you haven’t already done so.

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Written by   20
8 months ago
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