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My Star boyfriend ~chapter one~

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8 months ago

Our family immigrated to canada because of my father's work. My father arranged for me to go to a High School. My mom and I, who have never been to canada, stick to my dad like chewing gum, like being afraid of being caught and buying it.

When I arrived at my new home, I didn't feel ‘home’ at all. Canada and Singapore are very different. I am scared to go to school in a new environment tomorrow and make friends with other people. Thinking of this, I am at a loss as to what I should do tomorrow. After tidying up my school bags, I went to bed.

"Betty! Get up, don't you go to school today?"

I heard my mother talking to me standing at the door of my room.

"Ah!!!" I thumped and fell out of bed, for fear of being late on the first day of school. Canadian schools only need to wear casual clothes, which saves me a lot of time. My dad can send me to school because he hasn't started work today.

When I arrived at the school gate, I found that the Canada school was almost three to five times larger than the Singapore one. Many students hurried into the classroom, but I had to report to the principal's office before I could go to my class.

"Now you will be a new student in our school. I hope you can adapt to life here." As soon as the principal said, a teacher in a white dress walked up to me with a smile.

"Hello, I am your head teacher, you can call me Teacher Dan."

I think she looks very kind but some teachers are scary like this, but I still hope she will not be strict!

I followed her all the way to the door of the classroom. My legs were almost weak just standing outside. I can only ask God not to make me speechless when I introduce myself.

"Classmates, a new classmate came to our class today."

Teacher Dan gestured to me who was standing at the door and told me to enter.

When I stepped into the class, everyone's eyes were on me, and I was at a loss.

"Uh... My name is Betty. I am the same age as you. I hope I can get along well with you." I finally got the courage to finish the "lines".

"Well, welcome Betty! You can sit next to Luke." Teacher Dan said while looking at the textbook. It seems that I should know who Luke is and where to sit. At this time, all the girls in the class were crying like crazy. Damn, which one are you acting in, I just don't know who he is.

"Uh, teacher, who is Luke?.."

"You don't even know who Luke is?!!!" Many girls began to give me that surprised expression.

"I am Luke." One person raised his hand. He walked in front of me, oh my god, this is too handsome. But who is he? ((Ouch, hello

"Hello, my name is Luke. Your name is Betty, right? We are at the same table today, please advise." Uh, what's the matter with such a serious and grand atmosphere? ..

The person sitting next to me is so conspicuous that I want to concentrate on studying. People who admire him alone have annoyed me enough. Yes, he is very handsome, but are you here to study or to make boyfriends? All in all, I only hope that I can graduate safely from this school.

"Hey, where did you come from? Why did you transfer to our school?" That Luke suddenly turned around and looked at me.

"Uh, I am from Singapore, and I transferred to this school because of my father's work." I answered him while writing.

He nodded and said nothing.

"Luke eat with us!"

"He wants to eat with us, you go away!"

As soon as it was lunch time, a large group of girls rushed to eat with him. The idols are really hard..

"Hey Luke, let's eat together."

Two boys with a group of people behind them stood at the door of the classroom, and instantly the girls in the class screamed like chickens or ducks.

When Luke saw the two of them, I instantly saw him look a little relieved.

"Hello, my name is Belle, and your name is Betty?" A girl with a long ponytail walked up to me. That’s great. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make friends!

"Oh hello."

The two of us started chatting, and the more we talked, the more we found it to be very rewarding.

"You are really lucky to be at the same table with Luke." She looked at me with a little envy.

"What's wrong? Do you like him?"

"Well. He looks so good-looking, don't you like it?"

"I didn't dislike it but I didn't like it either, okay."

Belle was a little surprised at my answer.

"So you don't like me?"

When I turned my head, Luke's face was less than one centimeter away from me, and I jumped back reflexively. When I was about to fall, someone hugged me from behind. Before I had time to reflect that my eyes were right against him, his eyes seemed to discharge like the feeling in the idol drama.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it." I quickly stood up, blushing like an apple.

"It doesn't matter, hello, my name is Muna."

"Hello, my name is Betty. I was really embarrassed just now." I really want to find a hole to get in. Oh my god, I'm going to be the number one enemy of girls in our school on the first day. It's over, I can feel the murderous eyes of those girls now.

"I'm sorry, if it wasn't for me to be naughty and want to scare you, you wouldn't fall." Luke rubbed his neck.

"It's okay, I was not careful haha." I was actually really scared by him.

"Classmates are in class, hurry back to your seat." Teacher Dan walked into the classroom with a stack of homework.

"By the way, after school, ask Lunch3 to take our new classmates around the school and introduce them to her." Teacher Dan said.

"I'll take you there later, don't worry, our school is not big." Luke whispered

"Your school is not too big?! Your school is much bigger than my school in Singapore." I said in surprise.

He was surprised by my reaction but he laughed again.


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Written by   20
8 months ago
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