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Live clearly, it is better to live soberly

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1 year ago

The pain of life comes from living too clearly.

The eyes are aesthetic, and the result is entangled in the ugliness, and in the end, the ugliness is judged. The heart is a collection of happiness, and as a result, it is trapped in calculations, and in the end it is full of pain. It's not that you have to know how much you have in life. The ability to be happy is actually the ability to choose and filter.

In this world where A and B are mixed, there is no light without darkness. If you open half of the darkness, you will dim and half of the light, which means you lose half of the light and the misty beauty of the dark. You uncovered everything, of course, you also saw everything clearly. But what is shining is not all beauty and joy, some are things that sting eyes and soul.

Therefore, it is a realm to live in confusion. The greater suffering of people is not that they cannot be clear, but that they are confused. It's enough to think clearly and be smart, but you need wisdom to be confused. Therefore, to live a life is to live wisdom in the end.

If the clear person is in the water, the sober person is on the shore. A sober person is not standing tall, but far away, understanding that some muddy water does not need to wade, and some fish do not need to be envious. Sober people know what they want, but clear people want everything.

Wanting everything is the biggest trouble. In life, we don't know how to do troublesome subtraction. We often have no trouble, ask for trouble and live with a magnifying glass.

People who are obsessed with desire will generally live clearly, because all the scheming is spent on gains and losses, and there is no way to be clear. Moreover, such a person, even if he can't get it, can't just let others take advantage. In the end, the world collapsed and the heart was distorted, messing up others and messing up myself.

People who are calm and peaceful tend to live soberly. Sober people do not escape the hustle and bustle of the world, but quiet themselves in such a hustle and bustle. In Lin Huiyin's words, they have learned to "cultivating the fence and planting chrysanthemums in their hearts." They pay more attention to the spirit and soul, and would rather leave behind a lot of the earth than the soul.

People can be unclear, but they have to be sober. Let a heart slowly appreciate on the road, not haggard and struggling on the road.

To live once, not to come and live, but not to come or live in vain.

At least, you have to live like yourself-only if you live yourself and find yourself, the world can find you.

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Written by   20
1 year ago
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