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Important lesson: How to be alone and not lonely

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1 year ago

Loneliness is one of the greatest human fears, which stems from the fact that we do not know ourselves enough. Of course, man was created by nature to feel accepted and loved in the group of other people to which he belongs, however, one of our biggest mistakes seems to be that we forget that we must first love and accept ourselves, and we will do best, if we cut ourselves alone.

If you want to walk through life equally successfully on your own, or hand in hand with someone, the first step you need to take is self-awareness. When you are completely naked, from beginning to end, in your four walls, without anyone watching, criticizing, or comforting you, you must learn to fully accept and love yourself and be encouraged to start creating and living your own happiness.

To succeed in this, it is really necessary to be honest with yourself, to accept your flaws and the biggest mistakes, to learn not to blame yourself for that, but to give yourself a hand, to get up and move on, if possible, without similar mistakes. .

It is important that you are beautiful whenever you are alone. If you immensely enjoy coffee, in a special cafe, but today no one can keep you company, why not go alone? Sit down, order what you normally order and clarify your thoughts a bit, sort them out, give yourself some direction, think about the next goals, about what you can improve at home, or simply enjoy the silence, in the best possible company, and that is your own !! When you are completely fused with yourself, you will enjoy every independent moment. It will be nice for you to watch the movie alone, to walk around the city and just listen to your thoughts, because when you open yourself completely in front of you, you will become your best friend and critic to yourself.

Loneliness is the ideal time to work on yourself! This is the moment when you want to challenge yourself, to see how consistent, motivated and persistent you are, that is, how willing you are to succeed, on the way to your desires and dreams! In those moments, you will notice that you motivate yourself more than well, that you are the best support and the most honest critic you have ever had, and that you really enjoy every moment you spend with yourself.

It is important to know that no matter what happens, at the end of the day you have yourself! So learn to love yourself, because from the moment you fall in love, you will realize how much you enjoy life and love other people. There is no fear of loneliness, because when you love yourself, you are not lonely, when you are alone, and that is the essential difference!

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Written by   20
1 year ago
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People who have ability to tolerate alone time has been linked to increased more happiness, better life satisfaction & improved their stress management.

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