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Do you believe in yourself

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1 year ago

How many times did it happen to you that you wanted to take a step in the desired direction, but you got that "bad" voice in your head that told you that you are not good enough, how can you not succeed? And somehow it’s like you trust that voice every time and give up. Do you recognize yourself in that? That voice stands in your way of achieving your goals and living the life you want and deserve. Although on some level you realize that he is sabotaging you and that you should not listen to him, you do not succeed in that, and the doubt in your own abilities only grows even more.


The first and biggest reason is our own beliefs that we received from our parents and family, friends, colleagues, partners or we simply accepted some things that others say, and we did not try to examine the truth of the claims and whether they are useful and supportive in our lives. .

To get started, we get beliefs originally in our childhood, what our parents tell us when we were little gradually builds our personality and shapes our thoughts and outlook on life. We are not born with beliefs, they are acquired. Just to understand each other at the beginning, you can blame your parents until you are 15, after that you have full power to change your beliefs 😉 I was lucky to grow up with wonderful parents who supported me in almost everything I did, they came to my dance shows , applauded and photographed me from the front rows, when she would get a unit at school we laughed at it together, they motivated me to always try something and see if it suits me, taught me to never give up and what I am most grateful to them for - they taught me to appreciate myself and my work. The only negative belief I realized I was carrying from my childhood was that I was rolled up, but I successfully changed it.

I say, I am lucky because I chose such parents, but on the other hand, many children receive restrictive beliefs from their parents "as a gift". According to some research, about 70% of what children hear during the day are restrictions such as "don't, you will fall.", "Make sure you" You have children or you plan to take care of what you tell them, because you will be responsible for their self-confidence in the future.


1) Think about what beliefs you have in your life that affect your self-confidence and self-belief. Write them down on paper. Ask yourself what your life would look like if those beliefs weren’t true?

2) Choose a new belief that will build your self-confidence, let it be the belief you most want to have in yourself. Write it down as an affirmation and start acting like you believe it to be true in your life.


Everything we want to accomplish is on the other side of our fears. It has happened to us many times that we only once began to doubt ourselves because of the "failure" we experienced. Because of that one time we miss so many wonderful opportunities in life. If you have very little faith in yourself at this time as you read, it might be a good idea to take a step in your life today. What are you currently dissatisfied with in life, what do you want to change? Write it down on paper and make a decision now that you will take the slightest step to change it. Take a deep breath and step with new conviction and take that step! When we manage to achieve any goal, our self-confidence and serotonin - the hormone of happiness - grow. With the small steps we take we build faith in ourselves.


Very early on (at the age of 19) I started my own business and embarked on everything it brings. I will be honest, the environment strongly doubted me. They told me that it was better for me to get a job somewhere, to finish college because the situation is unstable, there is a recession, and we (Carlo and I) have no knowledge of business. I thought about how people live who tell me they can't, whether they run their business, how much they earn, whether they achieve their goals, whether they are happy, etc. I concluded that their opinion is not relevant to me because studying their lives I realized that they are " “average” people who live in fear and do not achieve much. It was then that I learned that I would listen only to myself and follow my intuition.

Keep in mind that almost everyone who gives you some advice, suggestions and suggestions, act from their state of consciousness and wish you the best, but the best is not always the same for you and them!

Albert Einstein was expelled from school with a diagnosis that he was not doing well, Oprah refused to work for a TV station because they said it was too big for TV, Walt Disney was fired when he worked for a newspaper because they thought that not creative enough. If they listened to what others were telling them, they would never reach their potential.

You will build faith in yourself if you stop listening to everyone's opinion to begin with. Write down your goal, determine what it is that you want to achieve and just go for it. As challenging as you may be and want to share your idea or desired goal with friends, try to keep it to yourself, and invest the energy you would otherwise invest in talking to loved ones in developing an idea, writing action steps and developing a strategy on how to to accomplish this. You will see how fast you will achieve the desired goal, and your self-confidence will grow.


The other day I was watching an interview with Grant Cardone in which he stated how he spent millions on his self-confidence because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will! He is one of the richest entrepreneurs in America today.

You don't have to have millions, you can start with a small investment. My online workshop "Self-confidence", which has been bought by more than 2,000 people so far, will give you techniques and tools on how to increase your self-confidence and become a self-confident person. I chose the most powerful and effective techniques and methods from which I created this webinar, which, through many years of work on myself, showed me the greatest results in the field of self-confidence. You have unlimited access to the content so you can repeat the lessons whenever you want.

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Written by   20
1 year ago
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