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Education system compared to business

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3 months ago

I’m not a big fan of school

I feel that school (in many ways) hinders real learning and education ...

And with the current school system, the mindset of our children are broken, shattered and buried 6 feet deep.

One of the many things wrong with our current education is the idea of “1st position”

This idea instills in a child that once someone is “first”, you cannot be first.

That your success is threatened by another man's success, hence many students feel defensive and try to bring the other person down at all cost

That’s why many adults today cannot stand other people succeeding.

They think because another man is succeeding, the only way they can succeed is by bringing him down.

So they unconsciously feel uncomfortable with other people succeeding and without knowing, they begin to hate on successful people and insult them any chance they get.

But one thing you don’t understand is that you can never become what you hate

If deep down in your heart you feel a little discomfort when other people succeed, it simply means you will never reach that position.

That is why YOU as a parent, you should go the extra mile to ensure your children unlearn many wrong things being taught and learn new things that can actually help them become successful.

Which brings me to Toxin Motor’s book: “How To Turn Yourself Into A Life Breathing Cash Machine”.

This book outlines everything you need to know about fixing your mindset and living a life of abundance without selling your soul.

And you can get access to it here:


Once you get the book, send me the receipt and I'll send you a bonus book, so valuable it’s almost scary:

“How To Generate Massive Profits For Any Business In 6 Simple Steps”

This book contains the 6 steps to take grow any business without all the trial and error, handwork and nagging that usually comes with growing a business

Some secrets in the bonus book I want to send you are:

The easiest way to enter the minds of your customers and discover why they will ever buy your product/service … and how to use that reason to make them buy.

Why it is totally senseless to run away from competition but instead invite them into your industry (Once you discover this, you WILL never again run away from the competition).

How to create an offer that sets your prospects on fire and forces them to buy your product/services even if they are broke.

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A very effective way to make strangers trust you enough to pay for your product/service.

How to drastically reduce the cost of your ads, while producing the same if not more result for you.

What every business owner should do before writing a single line of ad … or speaking to any customers.

The fastest way to fail in an

Y business (once you ignore this 1 principle, you have virtually written your failure decree in any business).

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Why you should NEVER sell your product/service in your ads.

And many more.

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Written by   20
3 months ago
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Education system is really old fashioned, it hasn't updated and doesn't match the current requirements. What I think is as you go in higher in education level, more broken is the system. Currently I'm an engineering student and trust me what i learn is mess that's why I learn most of the things online. From my perspective, primary education is still important but for higher education, self learning is best option as long as the student has enough resources.

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3 months ago

This is really true

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3 months ago

I'm a teacher and I can see that school need to change do solve the actually problems. Or it'll be dead soon

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2 months ago

Good one

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2 months ago

great article my dear friend I have subscribe you

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2 months ago


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3 months ago

Nice one

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3 months ago

You are welcomed

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3 months ago

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