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Top Three Wrongful Convictions\ Killings of Black africans\ African Americans.

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1 George Stinney: At fourteen years of age, was the youngest person to be executed in the US, in the 20th century.

George was accused of killing two white missing girls, 11 years old Betty and a 7 years old Mary. Their bodies were found near the house where he lived with his parents in Alcolu, south carolina in march 1944.

The sheriff arrerted his brother John whom was later released, because he claimed that George confessed and led officers to the place where he hid the murder weapon, His father was fired from his job at a local sawmill and ordered to vacate the company house.

There was no written statement of his confession apart from the officer's words, he was confined for 81 days without any visits. The entire proceedings against stinney, including the all white jury selection, took only one day, and no black people were allowed in the courtroom.

He was executed on june 16 1994, at 7;30pm. He was eletrocuted with 5,380 volts in his head, Imagine all that voltage in a tenager's head.

70 years later, his innocence was finally proven by a judge in south carolina. The boy was innocent, someone set it up to blame him for being BLACK. May his soul rest in power.

2 Frank Embree: 19 years old frank was touttured, castrated, skinned then lynched in front of a cheering crowd, for a crime he did not commit in 1899.

On the morning of july 22 1899, a white mob abducted frank from officers transporting him to stand trial, he had beem arrested a month ealier, accused of assulting a young white girl.

Though he was scheduled to stand trial on july 22, he was lynched instead when the town's residents grew impatient and decided to take justice into their hands. According to the news papers, the mob attacked officers transporting embree , seized him and loaded him into a wagon, then drove him to the site of the alleged assult.

Once there embree's captors immediately tried to extract a confession by stripping him nakedand whipping him in front of the crowd, but he steadfastlyrefused despite the crowd, After more than one hundred lashes, embree bagan screaming.

He told the men he would confess and rather than plead for his life, he begged them to stop the tourture and kill him swiftly.

Embree, with his body covered with blood from the whipping and sknning, with no court room or legal system in sight, offered a confession to the waiting lynch mob and was immediately hanged from a tree.

Throuhgh published photographs of Embree's lynching clearly depict the faces of any of his assilants, But no one was ever arrested or tried for the crime.

3 Black Boys Burnt To Death : March 5 1959, 69 black boys were padlocked in their dormitory at school and it was set on fire, 2 burnt to death, while 48 managed to escape.

On March 5th 1959, African american boys, aged 13 to 17, were padlocked in their dormitory for the night of the Negro boys industrial school in Wrightsville. Around 4am , a fire mysteriouslyignited, forcing tr boys to fight and claw their way out of the burning building.

The Run down and low funded facility, just 15 inutes south of little rock, housed 69 teens from ages 13 to 17. Most were either homeless or incarcerated for petty crimes, such as doing pranks. 48 boys managed to escape the fire.

The doors were locked from the outside and fire mysteriously ignited on a cold,wet morning, following ealier thunderstorms in the same area of rural pulaski county.

The horrofic event brought the attention to the deplorable conditions in whichbthe boys lived. the boys all slept in a space barely big enough for them to move around, and they are one feet apart from one another, and their bathroom was a bucket at the corner wgere they had to defecate in.

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