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The Cat

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The cat


 When you owe the mafia $5,000 they break your fingers, for $10,000 they break your arm, if it's $20,000 they break your legs, Johnny Cash owed $50,000 to the Italian mafia... That morning he miraculously escaped when he returned to his old apartment on 13th street, before opening the door of his house, his neighbor's cat, Mrs. Mckitton, caught his attention, the pussycat meowed two doors away, good old Johnny couldn't leave him to his fate, walk to the cat, take it with his hand and ring the bell, ding dong!.


 Just as his neighbor opened the door, Don Gio's men appeared in his, alerted by the noise, Johnny barely had time to grab his neighbor by the waist, draw her to him and give her a furious kiss, while still was holding the cat, the mobsters saw the couple and went back into their house, closing the door.


- Excuse me for the audacity Mrs. Mckitton, have your cat, the woman was speechless for a few seconds while Johnny quietly left the place, when he was already going downstairs,she yelled at him....

- Thank you very much for the cat!!!,... Johnny !!!, Mr. Mckitton is going to play poker tonight!!!.


Johnny did not have time to answer, he had to run downstairs, since Don Gio's men also heard the sinful wife's scream and flew after their prey, Johnny was in good physical shape and was able to gain a few meters of advantage Luckily, Tino and Carlo, like good Italian mobsters, had a few extra kilos. Once outside his building, he got on the 467 bus that passed by the front, closing its doors just as the pair of chubby guys left the building.


 Except for the moment, Johnny was doing a little accounting of his assets, his Zippo, his knife to cut the fruit and something else, a very peculiar keychain with the key to a locker, 2 $20 bills and some loose dollars, enough to take a train out of town until things calm down, but he had other plans, as johnny drove away, Tino and Carlo got into their car not knowing where to go, while another car was already moving chasing the 467 bus.


 Johnny gets off the bus, at the train station stop, enters it, but he doesn't go to the box office to buy a ticket, but to the lockers, he takes out the key ring he was carrying with him, and opens locker 991, from there he takes out a bag, no there is no money in it, Johnny does not have it, but there is a beautiful black suit, a razor and cologne, he goes to the bathroom, after washing and shaving he puts on his clean suit, I could owing $50,000 to the mob, but that was no excuse to walk the streets looking sorry.


Back on the street, he takes a taxi, when the driver asks the destination, Johnny replies "STEFANOS" a very famous Italian restaurant in the city, but secretly Don Gio's headquarters, the car that follows him from his building on the street 13th, start the engines, the driver is waiting for his partner to board, who got out and followed Johnny into the train station.


- Do you have the boss's money?

- I don't think so, I saw him take a bag out of a locker, he went to the bathroom, changed his clothes and put it back in the locker.

- I don't know why the boss didn't order it better that we kill him and that's it.


 Johnny gets out of the taxi at the entrance to "STEFANOS", Tino and Carlo, seeing him, jump on him, lead him inside but through the back door, but not before giving him some love, for having them jumping all over the city. After searching him, they took away his Zippo, the knife and the peculiar keychain, before sitting him in a chair in front of Don Gio who was waiting in his office.


- Johnny, Johnny, Johnny... until when are you going to play, where is my money?

- Well, silly and sparky already checked me, and I don't have it, Don Gio.

- Are you making fun of my Johnny?.

- No sir, instead I have a proposal, you will double your money and we will both be happy.

- If this is some kind of scam, you're not going to finish it Johnny, what do you propose?

- I owe you $50,000, you will now lend me another $50,000 and tonight right here in this office I will hand you $200,000 free of dust and chaff.

- Did you become a magician, or Jesus? Now, do you multiply the money, Johnny? Or, do you have a safe bet?

- Very sure Don Gio.

- Which one is it?, so I can enter it too.

- It is risky like all Don Gio bets, I would say very dangerous.

- Now he calls me a coward, speak man !!!

- Nikolai, you found out that I owe you $50,000, in fact the last thing I had left of that money I left on your roulette wheel last night.

- How nice, is that your plan to play roulette?

- No, Nikolai bet me that by 8 o'clock tonight I would already be dead, otherwise he would quadruple any amount of money that I brought to his place tonight, but hey Don Gio, they are Russians and you know very well well they can't be trusted, maybe they'll shoot me in the head, keep the $50,000, then I'd be dead and you'd lose $100,000.

- So that's your move, then don't worry because I'll make Nikolai comply with what was agreed in the bet, Tino go and call the boys, Tino everyone!!!


 After returning his things to Johnny, Carlo handcuffed a briefcase with $500,000 to his wrist, Nikolai would have to get $2,000,000 that night or there would be problems, together with Don Gio and more than twenty of his men they left for the disco « INFERNO» the cover of Nikolai's business, the two men stationed outside «STEFANOS», when they see Johnny leaving Don Gio himself and that army, they hastily call their boss.


- Boss, boss, boss!!!

- Calm down Dimitri, what's wrong?

- Johnny I think he goes to the disco, with the money, but he doesn't go alone!!!

- Who's coming with him?

- Don Gio and an army of Italians sir.

- UBLYUDOK !!!, Alexei calls all the men who come to «INFERNO» right now !!!.


 At 8 o'clock at night, they arrived at the fashionable disco, Johnny with Don Gio and his men, outside the premises about 10 Russians badly faced stood guard, inside a dozen waited with their boss Nikolai. They are allowed to pass but only half of the men of the Italian capo, at that time the best disco in the city was deserted.


- Now you come with scammers to my local Gio !!!

- Johnny may be a scammer, but he made a bet with you Nikolai and I come so you can honor it, even in our business there are certain rules that must be met, if you make a bet you pay.


 The atmosphere was so heavy that the tension could make the screws jump out of their threads, Johnny lifts the briefcase and places it on the table, still handcuffed to him, opens it and shows the half million dollars.


- Here is Nikolai, I am not dead and I have brought this little money, now it is your turn to do your part.

- My part, you say? I was thinking of blowing your brains out and keeping the money, that was my stupid part!!!


The Italians reach for their guns, the Russians straight out theirs, no one moved an inch after that, just Johnny reaching into his pocket with his free hand, pulling something out of his key ring, then reaching for his Zippo by flipping it, the spark he lit the firecracker that he had hidden in his keychain, a Bang !!! It was heard throughout the room, the Russians and the Italians began a shootout that Tarantino would like to have directed.


 Johnny throws himself to the ground, pulling the briefcase, he finds Carlo's corpse, searches it and takes the key to the handcuffs, he leaves there between screams, bullets and liters of Italo-Russian blood !!!, when the shooting begins Inside, the Russians and Italians who stayed outside also started shooting at each other, by the time I finally managed to get out of that “HELL”, it was miraculously unscratched, but dirty and covered in blood.


 He couldn't leave the city in those conditions, he stopped a taxi, the night and the black of his suit camouflaged the crimson of blood, where?, asks the taxi driver, - there is 13th street - Johnny answers, no one would look for him at home, he needed a clean suit, the train and bus station would be under surveillance, he remembered that his neighbor, in addition to a cat, had a beautiful green convertible, luckily Mr. Mckitton plays poker on Friday nights evening.




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Written by   19
4 months ago
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