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Bitcoincash : Satoshi's true vision, the peer to peer electronic cash.

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Bitcoincash is rapidly gaining traction in various countries, with many considering and declaring it as an official currency. The efforts of various clubs to onboard merchants are paying off handsomely, as nations such as the Caribbean and St Kitts are early adopters, as cryptocurrency is a legal tender in this countries, and they prefer to use peer-to-peer electronic cash which is more reliable and fast.

Origin of Bitcoincash.

As time passes, the need to combat government censorship and manipulation grows. Satoshi Nakamato proposed the idea of peer-to-peer networking, and the white paper was published in 2008, making it the first cryptocurrency to exist. Bitcoin eventually lost its actual potential in 2017, necessitating the creation of Bitcoincash as a fork. According to the Bitcoin white paper, it was designed for low-fee, borderless transactions.

Bitcoincash is an environmentally friendly peer-to-peer electronic cash that debuted on August 1, 2017.

The peer-to-peer electronic cash is supposed to accomplish the same functions as Bitcoin, but without the risk of losing a step like Bitcoin. Bitcoin became a gold coin primarily because it can no longer function as an electronic digital currency.

Unlocking the true spirit of Satoshi.

If Satoshi was still alive, or wherever he is in space, he would be delighted to see that Bitcoincash, which he was truly talking about, is performing exactly what is described in his white paper, despite not being built by him.

Because Bitcoin was only the first step in the production of Satoshi's White paper, and Bitcoincash is the future that Satoshi wishes to deliver to the world, Bitcoin was only the first step.

Peer to peer Electronic cash network system.

Satoshi added this system to Bitcoin while writing its white paper, and this is similar to Bitcoincash and other cryptocurrency. In 1997, a British cryptographer named Adam Back created a proof of work system that limits spam in email and also while sending.

This is how the peer-to-peer network system works.

Because no third party is required, miners are used to confirm transactions and get transaction fees as rewards in each block.


BTC MAXIS are not interested in Bitcoincash.

Reddit is the best place to discuss cryptocurrencies in general. Just as some claim that Bitcoin is now banned, the r/Bitcoin platform on Reddit is run by maxis who are unable to listen to alternative viewpoints on Bitcoin and also willing to mock Bitcoincash investors.

Btc maxis consider Bitcoin to be digital gold, and Bitcoincash to be a common cryptocurrency in which they are not yet willing to invest. They don't want to see Bitcoincash progress, thus they strive to sabotage Bitcoincash projects as much as they can.

Is BSV better than Bitcoincash.

The diabolical ambition to develop a coin that would outshine Bitcoincash due to the introduction of reduced fees to the crypto market resulted in the formation of the Bitcoin Satoshi vision BSV> split of Bitcoincash.

From the Bitcoin white paper, Bsv rose to prominence in late 2018 with the goal of establishing larger block sizes that may accommodate a greater number of transactions. Bitcoin has a block size of roughly 1MB, and a hard fork with a block size of about 2GB is being developed to allow for higher transaction rates.

Bsv's big block size does not make it superior than Bitcoincash's initial coin.

"Hey, BCH, let's raise the block size... BSV said, let's build the greatest blocksize we can and be the most scaleable...except there's no reason to do that because you don't need to make the blocks that huge yet because there aren't enough people to fill them up...scaling too soon sacrifices decentralization". -memes

Bitcoincash memes edition.

The combination of these three heroes creates Bitcoincash, and Bitcoincash, the peer-to-peer electronic cash, is here to save the day by eradicating exorbitant transaction fees and bringing the lowest transaction fee ever recorded in the cryptoverse.

Inquiring of a formal Btc maxis about his experience with a replaceable coin, Bitcoincash, and receiving a fantastic response.

A cryptocurrency investor tries to find his or her footing as a nice house of friendly currencies only to discover that BTC and BSV are the worst coins for an investor.

I suppose the memes will continue.

Bitcoincash meme group

The genuine potentials of Bitcoincash are illustrated in these memes, as well as the obstacles that BTC maxis and other investors encounter, but the true fun is in Bitcoincash. Bitcoincash is the cryptocurrency of the future.

Bitcoincash is the visionary coin that Satoshi talked about............

Bitcoincash is rapidly gaining global adoption, but Maxis has yet to recognize its potential since they are blinded by reports that Bitcoin is a hodlable digital gold.

Satoshi talked of building a network with a very low transaction price and no censorship, as well as providing traders with decentralization. Although the first coin had a very tiny block size and thus is only suitable with a small number of people, when a large number of people start transacting with it, transactions will be delayed due to the block size. This issue was addressed by Bitcoincash.

Bitcoincash projects.

Bitcoincash is an eco-friendly coin since it supports the ecosystem. Because of this, a great number of developers have expressed interest in developing new projects in its ecosystem.

‽ SmartBCH.

‽ Flipstarter.

‽ Chain tip.



Other projects can be found in the Bitcoincash website.

Bitcoincash community.

Bringing the Bitcoincash community together is a great way to expand the ecosystem. The idea of onboarding more merchants to the ecosystem has grown as a result of community collaboration, and this onboarding is growing at a rapid pace.


For Bitcoincash users, freedom is the finest thing that has ever happened to them, and transacting with Bitcoincash is the best thing that has ever occurred to everyone. Satoshi's invention provided freedom from censorship while also revealing the possibilities that a peer-to-peer network can provide.

I'm ecstatic to see so many people interested in promoting Bitcoincash, and I'm even more ecstatic to announce that sunnybch has been named the new Bitcoincash Jesus.

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Where is sunnybch located? Never heard about him yet. Is Satoshi still here? Bch fulfilled his mission and white paper.

Bch does this too- limits spam in email? So instead of 3rd parties, miners got the same job then of transacting between parties...

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7 months ago