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What If… (My Story about Cryptocurrency)

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2 years ago

It was a silent night in March 2020, I was sitting in a hammock outside our house and just checking and reading a post on my Facebook, then I notice a job offer for Data Entry (Home-based) then I decided to read it since I don’t have a job that time, after reading I decided to apply for that job. after successfully sending my application. After a minute someone chats me on my messenger and asks me if I know about Bitcoin and I said “I don’t know about it” and she started to explain to me about it then after that she asks me to invest my money in Bitcoin. I don’t know anything about bitcoin at that time and I was hesitant because there is a lot of Scams on the Internet and that is why I decided to neglect her offer.

                Days later, I don’t have anything to do in my house, since it was a pandemic. Suddenly, I remember the BTC and I was curious what is it. That time I was just sitting outside our house (that’s my hobby to sit outside the house and checked my FB, Twitter, etc.). I don’t have anything to do, that is why I decided to watch several Videos about BTC on YouTube. And then I learned a lot of things about it. I also joined groups about BTC as well. BTC’s price way back then was just 300,000PHP ($6,000). BTC is the only Cryptocurrency that I know that time “LOL”.

After several days of reading and watching videos about Cryptocurrency I decided to download then I started converting my 5000 Pesos ($100) to BTC, which is the only money I left in me since the pandemic also came, I also lost my job.

2 months later the BTC started to rise (o.m.g.). I was really excited and decided to convert my BTC to PHP (Philippine Money). I also got a job where they pay using BTC and I also converted it in PHP.

after converting all my BTC into PHP, I lost track of it. to make it short I wasn't aware that BTC is getting bigger and bigger, because that is the time that I got hired for online work.

January 30, 2021, I decided to go back and try my luck again to BTC because I am again no job. then when I checked the price of it It was already 1.6+M PHP ( $30,000), I was really shocked. there are a lot of What Ifs that come to my mind.

What if I hold my BTC in my Crypto wallet? what will happen?

I guess, things happen for a reason.

February 2021, I learned about BCH, I was really impressed with how people supported it. I decided to hold again but not to BTC this time. I am now rooting for BCH.

Currently, I have .04 BCH in my wallet.

Good luck to all BCH holders.

2021 is the year for BCH

let's claim it

Let's go!

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Written by   7
2 years ago
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2 years ago

Thanks, it was just my experience :)

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