I am the only person who knew Bitcoin Cash

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2 years ago

Yes, You've heard it right! I am the only lucky person that knew about Bitcoin Cash in our Area. I know some of you won't believe what I said but In fact, in my long time as a Facebook user, I have not seen any post related to Bitcoin Cash in my news feed, all I see all the time is about food, selfies, complaints, photos of occasions, etc. . Even when you go to public places here, You won't see or heard about BCH. When you ask about cryptocurrency they only know Bitcoin. No one knows about it, not even my friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and even my own relatives they do not know yet.

I am currently living here in Calauag, Province of Quezon in the Philippines, It is about 232 kilometers southeast of Manila(the capital of the Philippines)  and 95 kilometers east from Lucena(the capital of Quezon). based on the 2015 census the population of my town is 73,139 people.

From 73,139 people why I am the only one who knew Bitcoin Cash?.

I only found out about Bitcoin Cash because of my brother who loves to invest and trade Cryptocurrencies, he is the one who introduces Bitcoin Cash to me, and guess what? he is also the one who gave .04 worth of BCH to me as I mentioned in my 1st article here in read.cash. I also learnt about read.cash because of him and encourage me to write an article. Even noise.cash he is the one who introduces to me.

Why do they not know about it yet.?

As more and more people support and adopt Bitcoin Cash around the world there are still many areas like ours that do not yet know about it, Why? Maybe because it is too complicated to understand, maybe they are not interested yet because they don't know its worth, maybe they didn't discover it yet, maybe because there is a lot of scammers who used cryptocurrencies that's why when people heard cryptocurrency they don't what to get involve or maybe simply because they are not yet ready for the change.

People here are not yet aware of cryptocurrencies, some of them have an idea but it is only limited and most of them really don't have any idea at all, and the only currency they know is money in the form of paper or coins.

I, myself am like the people in our area, I don't know anything about BCH but luckily with the help of my brother I was able to know read.cash community, I was able to read great articles with regards to Bitcoin Cash. I know I am still in the process of learning everything about it but I know that time will come and I will be able to learn everything with the help of the supporters of Bitcoin Cash.

I may be the only person who knew BitcoinCash for now in our area but I know sooner or later people will discover it especially that there are platforms like read.cash and noise.cash that I find very reliable and useful and that will help you to get to connect to people around the world by sharing great articles and by posting your thoughts.

Time will come people will soon meet Bitcoin Cash and People soon will know its worth and value. I can no longer wait for that to happen, I envision that this time will come we are going to use it in our daily lives, no more expensive and slower transaction as they say.

Time will come, Bitcoin Cash will serve its purpose, and with the help of Bitcoin Cash Supporters, platforms like read.cash, noise.cash, and by adopting it, Bitcoin cash will be the leading Cryptocurrency in the world.

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